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oldMarinePanzer -> Production via Factories (7/14/2021 9:08:45 PM)

I am looking at adjusting the production for ground elements and aircraft. I've dug into it but it seems the factories are locked to editing/unavailable to view. The chassis for ground elements and planes are available in the cities/locations data, I can see that. I can also see the "w_factory.dat" file, can that get edited? If yes what tool could I use to view it/edit it?

kahta -> RE: Production via Factories (7/14/2021 9:42:06 PM)

I think this is something we need to wait for as part of the planned changes to the editor.

Denniss -> RE: Production via Factories (7/15/2021 7:06:41 AM)

Factory data is stored in the separate factory file (not location). import limits for ground/air in their respective file. All of those files are in Generic data.

Kriegsspieler -> RE: Production via Factories (7/15/2021 2:52:07 PM)

I have played their games forever, so I feel empowered to say that I do wish that 2by3 would loosen the reins a little on production. Would it break the games completely if I were permitted to play a version of Barbarossa where I could emphasize a little more of this kind of equipment and a little less of that? We're not talking about building Tigers as early as 1941, for goodness sake . . . .

And we know they're capable of doing this, because War in the Pacific gives the Japanese player a moderate degree of control over production. Of course, the complexity of that system reportedly has driven humans mad! So perhaps I should be careful what I wish for.

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