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Gribeauval -> Diplomacy and AI (7/14/2021 7:52:55 PM)

Hello, I have purchased Warplan (and Warplan Pacific) recently.

I want to play both games solitaire.

The manual indicates that a player should turn Diplomacy off in Warplan (against AI).

1) Is this still true despite the improvements/changes of AI (version 1.00.11)?
2) If diplomacy should be still turned off, what happens concretely when you play with Diplomacy ON against the artificial intelligence ? Dumb things ? AI lacking the ability to face a new front ? AI unable to act on foreign countries diplomatically to gain new allies ? ...


stjeand -> RE: Diplomacy and AI (7/14/2021 7:56:37 PM)

If you play with Diplomacy I believe the AI does not handle it so you will in essence get the full benefits and they do not.

Best to play without...

I do not know anyone that uses it at this time..though suspect a few do.

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