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mdsmall -> Border changes and NM calculations (7/13/2021 11:09:32 PM)

Bill and Hubert,

When the formal borders changes happen to a major power as a result of Decision Events, do the resource hexes gained or lost count towards NM calculations? For example, when Finland secedes from Russia, does Russia deduct the total NM value of all the towns in Finland from its NM total each turn? Similarly, when Germany gains territory in Poland after signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, does Germany add the NM value of all the newly acquired Polish towns and cities to its NM calculation each turn?



BillRunacre -> RE: Border changes and NM calculations (7/14/2021 9:52:04 AM)

Hi Michael

It shouldn't, because ownership as well as control have changed, i.e. normally the engine will add/deduct if a resource belongs to one Major but is controlled by another.

Hopefully this matches your experience, i.e. you're not posting because you've found a bug? [;)]


mdsmall -> RE: Border changes and NM calculations (7/15/2021 9:54:06 PM)

Hi Hubert - Thanks for explaining this. No, there was no bug this time! I asked because I wondered if Finland's independence had hastened the collapse of Russian NM in my current game, and because I was hoping (as the CP) that my territorial gains in Poland might offset the hit I am taking to my NM due to the Entente blockade. Apparently not, in both cases. Cheers - Michael

redrum68 -> RE: Border changes and NM calculations (7/15/2021 11:50:45 PM)

It would be great to have a NM changes log to see what is increasing/decreasing NM each turn.

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