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GBoggon -> Soviet Guards (7/13/2021 6:55:44 PM)

I have read the rules but I still uncertain what is needed to form Guards Infantry XX ?

Q-Ball -> RE: Soviet Guards (7/13/2021 7:47:35 PM)

Guards Rifle are formed from the following:

1. WINS: You need a certain # of wins to attain Guards status. It's not automatic, but usually you need 9-ish or so. Once you hit that, unit will eventually convert to Guards status
2. You can combine Airborne Brigades to make a Guards Rifle Division. I wouldn't do a ton of that, as the airborne bdes are useful

That's it, most of the time it's #1, and that applies for all units

GBoggon -> RE: Soviet Guards (7/14/2021 3:51:48 AM)

Thank you for the help.

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