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uberjedi -> Steam - game wont start (7/13/2021 1:20:36 PM)

I got a brand new win10 PC and tried installing this game.
The launcher starts. But when I click "Play World at War", something blinks like something tried to start but then I go right back to the launcher.
Any ideas what to do?


Hubert Cater -> RE: Steam - game wont start (7/13/2021 5:03:31 PM)

Hi Uberjedi,

Sorry to hear about the trouble and the only thing I can think of here is that perhaps your Anti-Virus software is preventing the steam version of the game from launching, e.g. when clicking Play once the launcher starts as you've described above.

It could also be the downloaded files for the game are possibly corrupted and need to be re-downloaded through Steam.

Here is a list of things to try:

But I would perhaps only try the following, from the list in the above link, as these are the most likely:

8. Verify the integrity of game files

2. Check your antivirus software

1. Move your installed games to a different location (maybe but if your other Steam games work then it is likely not the issue)

Hope this helps,

uberjedi -> RE: Steam - game wont start (7/16/2021 11:54:31 AM)

Disabling the anti virus worked.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Steam - game wont start (7/16/2021 1:06:43 PM)

Great and one thing you can do is keep your anti-virus enabled, but just white list the game within the anti virus software instead.

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