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CRW1940 -> What are some great strategies/tactics that can be tried? (7/12/2021 1:51:01 PM)

Hi, I made a post on here sometime ago, and I didn't answer it, I am sorry, I restarted my campaign, but I really wanted some advice and guidance. I am new to this game, so the sheer scale of it is complex to me, but I really love it, because the Eastern Front has always been a topic I've loved to study. I love the set up of the game and it almost makes you feel like you are a general staff member directing battles from your computer.

When I load up the game, I get very confused on what strategies and/or what tactics I should use in the game when playing as the soviets or the Germans. I try to sit and look at the map and brainstorm what my objective is, and how I can get there, but I feel at a loss with what tactics to employ or where to go next.

For example, I was playing the road to smolensk scenario, and I accomplished the encirclement of Bialostok, however, after I got the trapped troops to surrender, I pondered "what next"? It seemed like such a problem moving the infantry to the front line to accomplish a second encirclement, and by the time they had moved up to the front, my tanks were ahead of them or I lost the match. Also, when I play the barbarossa campaign as Germany, I feel like the only place I can effectively encircle is bialostok, but I try to extend the encirclement from Bialostok to Minsk, and sometimes I just forget strategy and start doing my own thing. I come from Hearts of Iron 3, where the detail is so minimal compared to this game, but I want to really get into it and enjoy it. I have seen tutorials on the set up of the game, what the tabs all are, but it is coming up with tactics, and strategy that I am lost on.

JoeLewis -> RE: What are some great strategies/tactics that can be tried? (7/12/2021 2:33:27 PM)

I love the description of HOI3 as "minimal detail"!

After the first two turns when the Germans run rampant, you wait for your infantry to catch up while your panzers refuel on turns 3 (and do an HQBU build-up where you want to attack) and maybe turn 4 in some areas. Then you use your recon planes to find the Soviet strongpoints and where they are weakest. For example: a lot of Soviets build strong positions around Pskov, so you can either outflank them by attacking to the north along Narva or to the southeast at Velikie Luki. You want to always put pressure on the Soviets at some point in the north, center, and south. A lot of German players also transfer 2-3 panzer divisions to Army Group North because the capture of Leningrad in 1941 frees up a push on Moscow later in the year with two army groups and also lets the Finns cross the no-move line.

The Soviets have a very different problem but I think the keys are spending AP to replace army leaders first and build forts second in important areas. The Soviets need to avoid building expensive units and support units because you start with a huge pool of armaments that you need to refit all your destroyed units, which come back for free in 1941. You have to defend a lot harder in the north than in the center and south where you have more room to give way. You can rail a lot of southern reserves to the center and north since German logistics will make an advance past Rostov very difficult no matter what you do. Soviet defenses should always look like a checkerboard anchored on forests, cities, marshes, etc. to maximize CV defenses. If you build solid front lines as the Soviets you will get annihilated.

Have you looked at the Road to Leningrad tutorial on the Matrix WITE Library of Resources? That is a great place to get a feel for the game.

EwaldvonKleist -> RE: What are some great strategies/tactics that can be tried? (7/12/2021 9:32:14 PM)


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