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canuckgamer -> Naval Ambush (7/12/2021 4:47:30 AM)

In the manual all it says about naval ambush on page 83 is:

Ambush—If the random factor of a naval combat favors one side or another greatly, the word ambush
will appear next to the fleet to indicate they received a favorable result from chance.

Not a very detailed explanation. In our pbem game Italian subs have intercepted UK fleets with CVs a number of times and the subs have been ambushed more times then not. This makes sense to me because the planes from the CVs would be able to spot enemy naval units although you would think subs would be a little more difficult to spot.

Where does it explain the random factor in the manual?

Nirosi -> RE: Naval Ambush (7/12/2021 1:12:14 PM)


Where does it explain the random factor in the manual?

With a few exceptions the maths are hidden under the hood. I do not think there is other explanation than that. It just tells you luck was against, you were surprised by the enemy and therefore had a disadvantage in combat.

There are a few things where I would like more info on the maths, but in the great majority of cases I agree with the actual design. Too much info of the maths etc. makes it a maths game and not a wargame. Personally that would make it less fun for me, but on top of that I also believe it unbalances the game by giving a huge advantage to some type of players over others. Some mystery (or unknown random in game term), like in real-life and war, can bring a better balance between play styles.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Naval Ambush (7/12/2021 2:00:38 PM)

Ambush simply means one side rolled really high on luck and the other rolled really low. Naval battles were subject to being very luck heavy.

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