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hrfepo1 -> Gmap (7/9/2021 2:16:29 AM)

Can I use Google Earth to create custom layers? If yes is there a tutorial or article?

hrfepo1 -> RE: Gmap (7/9/2021 2:49:30 AM)

The reason I ask is that the site in the manual for GMap has been removed.

Kushan04 -> RE: Gmap (7/9/2021 5:57:01 AM)

You can but its not easy. Lots of manually editing the world file to scale and line up the overlay.

hrfepo1 -> RE: Gmap (7/9/2021 9:52:17 AM)

Thanks, so where can I get GMap? Does this application still exist?

DetlefKroeze -> RE: Gmap (7/18/2021 9:23:46 PM)

You can download GMAP via the attachment below.

The way I use it is to open the Net4.0 version, select either GoogleChinaHybridMaps or BingHybridMaps are the type, hold down Shift and drag to select the area I want, click "Get Static", make sure "make Wordfile" is selected, select the Zoom I want (high is more detail and bigger filesize), wait, move to separate folder as not to clutter up my desktop, rename the PNGW file to a PGW file (Command won't import the JPEG otherwise), and then add the JPEG as a custom layer in C:MO.

hrfepo1 -> RE: Gmap (7/18/2021 11:22:28 PM)

Thanks! I finally figured it out! It was easiest than what I expected!

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