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Antiope1983 -> "Bandar Lampung" (or Oosthaven in Dutch) (7/7/2021 5:31:07 PM)

first i would say how much i'm enthousiast about this game! "Bravo" to the developer and i wish him all the best for the forthcoming projects.

Being pretty unfamilliar with the pacific campaign i often pick an eye on WW2 pacific map while watching tutorials on you tube.

Looking in particular for the harbor called "Bandar Lampung" (or Oosthaven in Dutch) which was not present on the several maps found into the section dedicated by the westpoint website i just discovered how the port faclities where destroyed in order to prevent any uses by the japaneses.

Is there any way to do so for the port facilities present in the game? i'm pretty new to the game.
If not, what do you think of it's implementation in Warplan Pacific?

picture below : "Oosthaven, Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies. 1942. Port facilities destroyed to deny their use by the Japanese as viewed across the water from the RAN ships which evacuated the port. Thick clouds of smoke rise into the sky from the debris of the buildings. (Navy Historical Collection) "

stjeand -> RE: "Bandar Lampung" (or Oosthaven in Dutch) (7/7/2021 7:03:19 PM)

There is no way to "destroy" ports so they do not work that I am aware of...

Possible event could cause this but I believe it would have to be something hard coded since I do not know a way to change a port in the event file...though one never knows.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: "Bandar Lampung" (or Oosthaven in Dutch) (7/10/2021 4:11:06 PM)

The problem with removing that port is that the Japanese have no supply path to the oil. The Allies have no entry point if they want to invade it.

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