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DavidDailey -> Headquarters and supply (7/6/2021 4:59:22 PM)

Allright, I admit it. The subtleties and nuances of headquarters and supply baffle me. So I will frame my question in the context of a game situation. War starts. Gamelin, level 5 is just outside Paris. French MPPs are scarce and precious. So should some of them be spent getting Gamelin up to level 10? Paris provides level 6 entrenchment. A combat unit there will hold out longer than Gamelin but is there some advantage, say to other units readiness and morale to having him there? In other words is a beefed up, entrenched Gamelin in Paris better for the French than a weaker Gamelin outside Paris? And if so, why? Thank you.

The Land -> RE: Headquarters and supply (7/6/2021 6:02:24 PM)

Gamelin at full strength will give a Readiness bonus to all units under his command. He has a command radius of 4 or 5 hexes or something, and can be set to automatically or manually choose which units he is commanding. The Readiness bonus is significant in the combat calculation. If he's at half strength the bonus is much lower.

Don't put him in Paris as he will never deal damage to enemy units - leave an Army there. But what you should do is reinforce the HQ unit and then attach key French units under his command. Where to locate him is a judgement call, but you want to ensure that your most crucial units (probably including your fighter, maybe your bomber) are in his command radius.

EarlyDoors -> RE: Headquarters and supply (7/6/2021 9:41:19 PM)

So its taken me a couple of years to understand this but for the scenario you describe do not spend mpp on those HQs

1. readiness boost to units is determined by hq rating

2. unit supply is affected by hq strength

So, for the allies, on the defensive, in western europe, unit supply is plenty high enough from resources
and the boost to readiness for units attached to an hq is the same whether the hq strength is 1 through to 10

you should consider increasing their strength when ready to go on the offensive into enemy territory

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