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I would like to start a discussion on the scenarios, my 2 cents is that they are fun and have potential especially NA but they are a little under developed it seems like the air force need some changes they are pretty ineffective, also because the units are so small experience dosen't really work because as soon as they take any losses and reinforced their experience goes right back down. I also think the smaller scale battle type scenarios like Sicily or Okinawa in the pacific are kinda silly without adding an artillery unit with some range. My fantasy wish for scenarios is that there were a few good one maybe add a Barbarosa or case blue one but have them link to the main game so you could take your results in the scenario and use it in the main game! Probably not possible but how sweet would that be?

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I really hate having to play 1939 until France falls. Boring (to me). So skip to the French surrender and don't attack the Soviets.
Start in 1940 just after the French surrender and you can explore all the options that the Germans had and not be locked in to Barbarossa.

Germany's Quandaries
1. Vichy or no (no for me)
2. Battle of Britain with drop tanks option. (make possible in game)
3. Barbarossa or not (not for me)
4. Press the French hard to get hold of French Fleet (make possible)
5. Press Spain hard to help with Gibraltar or be part of the problem. Make Med and Axis lake.
6. Go for North Africa and the Suez hard. Then roll up the Mideast, Kuwait etc. to take oil from Britain and get it for yourself
7. Take Turkey, or not (yes for me)
8. 1942 Attack Soviets from Turkey and Iraq while defending Ukraine.

1. Invade West Wall early and forget soft underbelly
2. Defend Kuwait etc. with all you got.
3. Soviets attack early.
4. Attack Spain if needed to open up the Med again.
5. Defend Turkey like you would the Ukraine with all Allies.

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If you find me an OOB for that time....

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