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Zemke -> Don River Bend Near Stalingrad (7/5/2021 9:25:59 PM)

Looking at the map near Stalingrad, it seems to me that the map is very much off or inaccurate. The Don River bend near Stalingrad is showing 14-12 hexes long North to South, depending on how you count. Using Google maps measuring tool, The distance is closer to 60 miles running North to South, before turning West. Am I wrong or is it a "interpretation" of the real terrain?

kahta -> RE: Don River Bend Near Stalingrad (7/6/2021 12:17:06 AM)

Can you use screenshots to demonstrate where you measured?

Joel Billings -> RE: Don River Bend Near Stalingrad (7/8/2021 3:47:51 AM)

One thing to note is that the map is not exactly north-south from top to bottom as you move east. It has to do with the projection used, so you have to adjust for that. Doesn't mean there may be something off, but you need to keep that in mind when comparing to other maps.

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