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kennonlightfoot -> AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/4/2021 4:19:41 PM)

This AAR is using stjeand's Historic Project Phase I scenario.
I am Axis, stjeand is Allies.

This mod includes a lot of modifications that make the first six months of the war follow a more historic path of conquests. I'll be covering them in more detail as they become the center of action but in general the major alterations are:

1. Landing ships are phased in over time. The sequence for arrival is 20 first turn, followed by 30, 30, 20, 20, 30, 30 and 20 on the turns that follow. This means invasion planning and use of half strength (mod includes more of these) and the 1, 2, and 3 strength garrisons are critical to taking all the islands and ports needed.

2. Ports as sources of supply and reinforcements are locked on NEI, India and Australia. Most requiring taking a large number of other ports and islands to unlock them. This will slow the overrun of DEI early in the game. And, makes setting up a strong invasion of India and Australia (and New Zealand) much more difficult.

My postings will lag where we are in the game by a few turns so that stjeand can post comments and clarifications on this thread, since he knows more about what the rule changes are and what there intent was.

Situation at Start, Dec 7th.

I only have 20 Landing Ships which means not enough to do anything near what I need to do to capture DEI and get the oil flowing. The mod compensates some for this by giving me oil from the Japanese reserves at regular intervals but I don't know what these amounts are.

The limited Landing Ships means I don't have the capacity to land large forces capable of taking anything garrisoned. So I will have to pick my targets carefully. Some like Wake Island (which is now a VP hex) will have to be taken early since if they are allowed to strength I will have to blockaded the Island. This could be dangerous since it will make an ideal targets for a weak US fleet action. I don't want my main fleet tied up in the North Pacific.

I also need to take key ports. In the S. Pacific Rabaul. In the Philippines I need Aparri in order to get army strength units into the battle. In the DEI I need to take a few key ports to block supplies to Singapore and some more in Borneo to get some oil flowing.

The raid on Pearl Harbor gets pretty average results. Sank the Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Bottomed the Nevada and W. Va.

The only other action there is to send my subs west so they can refuel ahead of time.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/4/2021 5:13:54 PM)

Dec 7th Cont'd

I set Reinf/Upgrades to 0 for this turn and use my stockpile to build 5 Landing Ships and 1 Oiler.
I also turn off Reinf/upgrades on all the small units in the Pacific to save them for low cost invasion units. They are also all brought up to Active state so they can be used.
And, of course also turn off Reinf/upgrades on the 160 factors worth of units facing Russia.

Wake Island is blockaded so it will be easier to take later.

South Pacific

Here I need my base at Rabaul since it is the only Island in the Solomon's capable of refueling my main fleet. So I use one of my few 5/10 Marine units (1st SNLF) to kill the garrison with the help of CA and resupply. That got me the 10:1 odds for the kill but the Marine doesn't have any movement left to complete the capture this turn.

I put Port Moresby under blockade by mostly coastal ships since I want to take it as soon as possible.


The Japanese attack the two small Indian divisions driving them back instead of getting kills.
The air attacks go poorly. Damage but no sinking or bottoms.


The usual advance by the forces available toward Burma in preparation for taking Ragoon.


Most of my effort will be directed at taking the VP hex, Changsha. The two armies near by will be joined by two more armies from the northern part of China front. One army will be sent to a port to be transferred to the Burma front.


Singapore will be cut off from supply if I control Saigon, Bandar Lampung and Surabaya. I already have Saigon so I make two more Marine landings to take Bandar Lampung (10:1 kill) and Surabaya (8:1 retreat). With support of some battleships and resupply both ports are taken. Only Batvia is left to take to conquer DEI but that will be difficult because none of the ports taken are in supply until Borneo, Manila and Singapore are taken. The garrison is strong enough that it would take landing an army size unit which even normal cost to much to do in Landing Ships (bug doubles the cost right now). (stjeand predicts it will take until February for it to be taken). Meanwhile I will use coastal units and destroyers to keep them in supply. And, I blockade Batvia but I am not altogether certain this works in this situation.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/4/2021 5:14:42 PM)

Dec 7th Cont'd


I have used up 3 of the possible 4 Marine Landings. The Marines are half strength so they require 5 LS per unit to make an amphibious landing. My one remaining invasion is used to take Appari because I need a port to bring in more troops through. I plan to put three armies into the Philippines over the next few turns. The immediate problem is that the Philippine Army units are strong enough to actually kill that marine. So I have to blockade all three ports to make sure they can't move to do that. In the screen shot below I have circled the blockaders (3 ships minimum) on those ports.

The air attacks against the navy in Manila go much better than the ones against Singapore. I sink the Houston and bottom both subs.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/4/2021 7:34:50 PM)

Dec 21 Turn


Oil: 3 Productio, 48 upkeep and 123 stockpile.
Production: I put 1 Inf. Division, 1 Oiler and 1 Truck into reinforcement queue.
I changed the Reinf/Upgrade from 0 to 100.
This is probably how I will leave it for some time. Hopefully creating one new division each turn plus an oiler, landing ship or truck depending points left and shipyards.

The event driven reinforcements give me some oil plus 30 Landing Ships to use.


I land some marines on Wake Island and with the help of a few battleships kill the garrison but lack the movement to occupy the port. But this will free up my surface ships next turn.

Kido Butai moves its CV's to the main islands in the Kwajalein area so they can resupply on their way to the S. Pacific.

Elsewhere I go on an Island taking campaign. Unopposed landings are made on Tarawa, Nauru and Guam.


The port should be out of supply. Do wish there was some kind of feed back confirming when the port is isolated. The two Indian divisions are killed and the advance south to Singapore started for the Japanese army there and the supporting division. Unfortunately, the UK navy escapes.


My surface group tries to sink the De Ruter CL who is still in port at Butavia. First round fails so I bring in some more and finish her. I am not sure this is necessary since it may surrender when the DEI surrenders.


In order to open the DEI ports to support my units so I can take Butavia I have to take all the ports on Borneo both British and Dutch. This is in addition to taking Singapore and Manila. Borneo also has four oil fields which I want to get access to as well. So I make small unit landings Balikpapan, Kuala Belait and Tarakan. Only one port left to take.

China is snowed in so little action there.


The Indian army moves down to block me at the Salween River. I move up my army and divisions as well as some air support so I can break the line if it is still there and push on toward Rangoon.

South Pacific

Rabaul is taken giving me the base for Kido I need.
Port Mosby is fully blockaded.
Landings are made and Lae taken.


And, just to give the Allies another headache, I land a unit and take Rock Hampton.
Australia is invaded.[:)]

The mod doesn't allow me to use the port for supplying the unit so I have to send ships over to resupply it.
The rule is: Eastern Australia ports will not be in supply until the Japanese can take all of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands including New Caledonia. These islands include Fuji.


The Philippines will eventually be taken by starvation but I would like to speed that up a bit. I make another landing to take the port of Legaspi to the SE of Manila. I bring in two armies plus a division and HQ through Aparri. I will land another army in Legaspi next turn to support taking Manila. The original marine unit advances to clear a path for a serious drive south next turn.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/8/2021 6:48:28 PM)

1942 Jan 4

I received 30 Landing Ships this turn. Have 4 Oilers.
My ships that happen to be on convoy lanes managed to sink 1 Merchant.
But the Enemy got a lucky hit in sinking one of my Destroyers. Considering it was one of Australia's understrength air units that had to move to get in range, it was a lucky shot to get 3 hits.

I will being doing some variation of this kind of build each turn.
1 Infantry Division, always.
If shipyards are available, I will build Landing Ships and/or Oilers. This turn there are enough to build one of both.
That uses them up, so until they are available again the fillers will be Trucks and AA.
I received 3 divisions this turn from initial game queued production.

Now that I have Rabaul, Kido Butai moves there to refuel for the S. Pacific campaign.
Wake Island, which is a VP hex in this game, is taken.

South Pacific

I move two marine units from Japan down to the Solomon Islands area in preparation for landings.
I send my subs to blockade Fiji.
The Naval Air in the Gilberts are moved to Rabaul.

Landings are made on the small islands and undefended ports including Port Vila, Henderson Field,, Manas, Keviena, and Espirito Santo.

These are part of an ongoing port taking campaign to open Australia to supply.

In order for the Japanese to be able to supply units through Ports on Eastern Australia they have to take all the ports in New Guinea (including DEI ones), Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia. They also have the restriction that the Australian ports only open up when the Northern most ports are taken. So you have to take them in order from Cairns southward if they are going to be usable.

But the killer for the Japanese making Australia a permanent conquest is they must hold all these ports. All the US has to do is take one back and disaster hits. With loss of supply also comes loss of movement through them. The Japanese will have to be very careful. At the slightest sign that they may lose access they will have to withdraw their troops. So in the Scenario Australia is strictly a side show to waste the initial Allied response.

But that doesn't prevent me from taking ports and resupplying them from ships. I hold Rock Hampton and make another landing at Mackay. This will cut all rail connections between the southern and northern ports splitting the east coast.


Not much going on here for the same reason as Australia. I have to take a lot of ports around Borneo before I can supply an army strong enough to take Batavia. But I get the ball rolling with unopposed landings to take all of Borneo. The only action against Batavia is to blockade it while resupplying my previous landings using Coastal ships.


The advance on Singapore continues. Hopefully I will be in position to attack about time they get reduced enough from lack of supplies for me to easily take them.

China - Heavy Rain so little action.


The Indian forces try to hold the Salween river line with just two division. I move over an air unit and attack with my army unit, 14th, supported by one division. It takes two round of 3:1 attacks to force them to retreat. I then advance my units and attack the 13th Brigade but it holds.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/8/2021 6:54:45 PM)

Jan 4 Cont'd


The Philippine army falls back on Manila and tries to provide a blocking force.

The Japanese land the 3rd Army at Legaspi to the SE so that three armies will advance on Manila. The two at Aparri move south adjacent to the Philippine line but don't have enough movement to attack. Lingayen is occupied freeing up the navy to move into the South Pacific except for the ships blockading Manila.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/11/2021 7:09:05 PM)

42 Jan 18


Oil is good at 28 production, 33 Upkeep, and 144 Stockpile.
In this scenario stjeand has additional oil coming in as an event which is suppose to be the release from National Reserves. It is enough combined with captured sources to increase my stockpile each turn.
Reinforcements include 10th Escort Fighters.

China - Snow so not much action there.

Australia & S. Pacific

Moved Kido Butai to outside Brisbane so I can attack the air unit there and also attack the S. Pacific convoy route. The RAF obligingly comes out to intercept me and losses 4 points. The CV's make an airfield attack, which I seldom have work, but this time they at least get another hit on the 1st RAAF.

I also making a landing near New Castle but it doesn't have enough movement after it to do anything.

Japanese move another division from Lae to Port Moresby in preparation for taking it. Ships are also placed to blockade it.
Noumea is also blockaded.

Minor ports and Islands taken this turn include Ndeni, Namuga, Buin and Munda.


Not much there. Units still moving south to get adjacent so they can attack.

DEI - no action there either. Waiting on opening up the ports for supply.


For some reason the Allies leave Rangoon undefended and try to defend the river even though it is already breached. This may save me a turn in my drive to India.

Japanese use one of their allied divisions for a quick bloodless landing next to Rangoon and take the port.

The Japanese army and divisions already adjacent to the 13th Bde attack at 5:1 giving it 5 hits and a retreat. Two units pursue for a second attack at 10:1 and shatter the 13th Bde.

A good start for rolling up the Indian Burma defenses.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/11/2021 7:19:28 PM)

42 Jan 18 Contd


With three armies there plus a division and lots of air support, I decided to take the Philippines out of the war.
I resupply the blockade ships from an oiler since I will need the battleships there to support the attack.

First to take care of the Pilipino armies blocking me with series of attacks.
N. Luzon army is attacked with air support at 5:1 and retreats with a -3 loss.
S. Luzon army is hit by a 7:1 shattering it.

The army I advanced to take the hex the N. Luzon army was in attacks Manila with air hits first followed by support from the Battleships at 7:1. It retreats to Bataan. My 56th division has enough movement to take Manila.

The Philippines will surrender now.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/11/2021 7:47:37 PM)

42 Feb 1


Japanese receive another 20 Landing Ships from events adding to the 30 on hand. Also get an oiler.
Oil situation continues to improve with more from the reserves holding my stockpile at 142.
Production for turn includes Inf Division, 2 Supply Trucks, 2 AA. No shipyards so no more LS for now.
I start putting more Production into Reinf/Upgarde, increasing it to 120.


It has been out of supply for some time so is an easy kill.
After air attacks my forces have a 9:1 odds attack killing the defenders.
Singapore is taken which will meet the requirements of this scenario for opening the DEI ports to supply my units there. There will probably be a few minor ports yet to be taken since the requirement is:

Capture of all ports on Borneo, Manila and Singapore.

China - Rain

The rain limits me so I just make a minor attack to start closing up the line on Changsha.
A 6:1 against the 22nd Army driving it back with 2 hits.

Australia & S. Pacific

Still wating for Noumea and Jiji to starve.

Port Moresby is taken with a 10:1 attack.

Additional landings made at Milne Bay and Wewak.

I still need to take Noumea and New Guinea ports to get supplies opened up to Australia.
For the time being I have to nip away at the Allies by taking any undefended ports and keeping the garrisons supplied from ships offshore.

I am also moving troops from the Philippines along with air units to the Solomon's in preparation for taking Australia. As air units move in I am switching some from Close Combat to Naval since I consider winning the coming naval battle the most important thing coming up.


As expected the Indian line fell back but it only consists of three brigades and are still in range of my forces. So I hit the nearest one, 2nd Bde, with a 9:1 attack but it gets off easy with one loss and a retreat. I pursue for a follow up attack at 5:1 which only gets a retreat. Tough brigade.

But with the fall of Singapore and can send those air units to support the attack plus I get a allied army for taking Singapore. With the army used to take Singapore I will have three armies for the drive into India.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/14/2021 12:10:48 AM)

42 Feb 15

Japanese receive another +30 Landing ships by event and 5 oilers so they are in good shape for invasions and supporting fleets.
Due to capture of Singapore they receive the INA army which will support the Burma front as soon as it can move by rail there.
Kwajalein garrison surrenders due to lack of supplies.

DEI - Palembang and its oil fields are taken which will give a big boost to Japans current oil production of only 28. Should get me up to mid 60's next turn.


Just one small attack to drive back the 20th div. It did get the Allied commander, Giffard, killed. But mostly gets me across the next river line.

China - Heavy Rain
I have had quite a streak of bad luck with weather in China. It is not only delaying taking the VP hex but tying down four armies.

S. Pacific
Made more unopposed landings in W. Papau which needs to be taken to open Australia's ports to the Japanese.

Production is the usual infantry division but included 3 Escorts to start preparing for US sub attacks when their torpedoes upgrade.

Otherwise, not much happening this turn. More the Japanese preparing for the next lunge.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/15/2021 2:13:45 PM)

42 Mar 1

US/UK should be getting their first transports but it will take a few turns for their divisions to arrive.
Japan receives 30 Landing Ships this turn by event. But this is no longer critical. They have enough to do whatever.

The war on US/UK convoys is going well with 18 Merchants sunk this turn. Since it is going so well and the Allies don't seem inclined to shutting it down I resupply Kido Butai and give it another few rounds.

Counterattacks in Australia killed two of my smaller landings. I wasn't careful in there placement. My fault.
Suva and Naumea don't seem to be starving. I wonder if their are some invisible ships breaking the blockade.

The ports are open in DEI now so I can start preparing to take Bandar. I move an Army over to do the job.

China - Rain
I did do some minor attacks to move my line forward against the Chinese 12 Army Group and 11th Army forcing them to retreat.


Time to break up their line.
Japanese attack the 2nd Army with air then 7:1 which gets a retreat.
The 11th Army pursues and attacks again forcing another retreat.
On the northern end of the line an attack is also made forcing the Indian unit to retreat.

I push the most northern division well behind their line. This should force a major backward move in the Allied turn.
I also send a third Japanese army to Rangoon to strength my drive into Burma.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/15/2021 4:07:35 PM)

42 Mar 15

Receive another 20 Landing Ships, probably the time for automatic event created Landing Ships. But I now have 150 so probably don't even need to make any more.
Also, received more Oilers so have 10 now.
New Infantry divisions will now be arriving every turn from my builds.
Production: 1 Inf. Div. plus an Escort (will be slowly building these in anticipation of US sub war).

The Convoy war is going well. Another 10 Merchants sunk.

South Pacific and Australia
Still securing the area with landings on Suva and New Caledonia.

DEI - Heavy Rains

China - Heavy Rains


Surprisingly the Indian line does not pull back far. My guess is supply must have limited their movement. Also, some of their key units were still in garrison mode and will pay the price for being slow.

The Japanese concentrate their attack on the weak left of the line clearing a path for a deep penetration into Burma almost to the Indian border.

8:1 attack against the Ind. 2nd Bde shatters it and clears the path for the movements shown below in green.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/15/2021 4:22:03 PM)

42 Mar 29

Convoy war continues with the sinking of another 8 Merchants.

China - Heavy Rains (I am being hurt by this)


Finally good weather so time to finish DEI off and take Batavia.
Japanese put together a combined attack of 5:1 resulting in a 9 hit and surrender.
The NLF unit occupies the city and DEI is taken.

Australia and S. Pacific

This turn the US will receive the Hornet and more transports, but it will take them a while to get into a position that will affect the Japanese.

Kido Butai continues to sit on the S. Pacific Convoy route killing Merchants.

It rains in Northern Australia limiting my actions but in preparation for the ports becoming usable I make additional landings to complete the surrounding and blockade of the two northern most ports, Cairns and Townsville. With Noumia capture I should see the ports usable.


This seems to be the main area of action. This time the Indian army falls back on a line running north south through Chittagong.

I move a fleet up to support an attack to cut off the two Corps at the bottom of the line. The resulting attack against the Ind. 14th Div using ships, air and an Inf. Army gives me an 8:1 attack. With a lousy result of -1 loss and a retreat.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/15/2021 4:28:13 PM)

42 Mar 29 Cont'd

Here are the final positions in Burma after I move to solidify the surrounding to the two Indian Corps.

I don't think the fleet is positioned to blockade Chittagong so it will take another turn to complete the cut off.
This should significantly reduce the Allied defenses but they are also reaching a choke point only four hexes wide. It will probably take a while to kill off the two surrounded units and break that short line.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/16/2021 4:23:18 PM)

42 Apr 12

DEI Surrenders. Doesn't really free up much other than navy. It has no VP value but it supplies almost half of Japan's oil so the army used will have to do garrison duty.

Allies got another one of my coastal ships. I keep forgetting to put them in Raider mode so they can't find them.

Reinforcements include CVL, CVE and an infantry division. The CVL & CVE will head to join the Indian Ocean fleet.
Production will be another division and an escort (getting ready for the future convoy/sub battle).

China - Hvy Rain (Having terrible luck with weather in China.


The UK sent their fleet to try to drive off mine that supported the previous turn attack. I got a couple of hits on the Hermes and one on the Ramilles but no serious damage.

I move the support fleet in Raider mode to block the port of Chittagong. And, reinforce the Indian Ocean fleet with ships from Singapore. I will wait for starvation to reduce the two trapped Indian Corps.

Japanese make a concentrated attack against the 20th Corp (4-5).
Two air strikes followed by 3:2 attack by the division to soften them up. -2 vs -2 loss but holds.
The two armies behind the division switch out with them for the next attack.
4:1 odds this time. -2 vs -5 hits but still holds.
6:1 odds on third attack. -2 vs -2 hits but it retreats. Japanese send a division to occupy the hex.

Burma has become a really slow grind. But the trapped Corps should hurt the Indian defense.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/16/2021 4:28:20 PM)

42 Apr 12 Cont'd

Australia & S. Pacific

The garrison at Cairns tries to run. The Japanese occupy the port and send a division in pursue.

With battleship support the Japanese are able to concentrate enough force to take Townsville. One 3:1 attack is made resulting in the garrison surrendering.

This should secure all the ports in the northern half of the coast so they are in supply and able to support my advance on Brisbane.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/16/2021 4:43:47 PM)

42 Apr 26


Allies have now received the Hornet CV, UK 30 Transports, US 40 Transports, and India its 2nd reinforcement division.
The US probably has build oilers and Landing Ships as well by now. So they have some offensive potential as well as means to reinforce India and Australia. Naval wise it depends on how lucky they think they are. A five CV force can take on Kido Butai but at considerable risk.

China is still getting production through Leo but I'm about to close that down.

Time to put pressure on the US to come out and fight.
Kido Butai moves to the S. Pacific Convoy route.


Now that I have supply I start moving toward Brisbane but because the Allies can cut off all these ports just by taking one Island in the S. Pacific, I have to garrison everything first and wait on an army to land in Australia. This will take a few turns which leaves me short of time to capture anything before US units start showing up.

China - Rain

Can't do much other than push the line a little forward against weak units.
Attacks make the 12th Army Group and Reserve Army retreat a hex.


I decide to attack the Corps holding Chittagong so I can use it as a supply source. I am able to put together a 4:1 attack but it doesn't go well. Lost 4 to their 2.

An attack against a weak division to the north goes better with 5:1 odds followed by a 7:1 attack that shatters the division.

Ledo is taken as well completing the cutting off of China.

The main Indian Ocean Fleet with the CVL detaches to go raiding on the Indian Ocean convoy route.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/17/2021 1:40:28 PM)

42 May 10

Lot of clear weather and a lot of activity this turn.
Reinforcements: Inf. Div., 2AA, Junyo CV (sent to Truk)
Convoy War: 7 Merchants sunk. Merchant Status: UK has 59 and US 41.
Production: My usual Inf. Div plus 2 AA, 1 Truck. Reduced Reinf/Upgrade to 100 PP to keep new unit production up.

Australia and S. Pacific

Hard to tell what the Allies are up to here. Austi 1st Corps counterattacked driving back my 61st SNLF unit. So far though only two US units in area. One in New Zealand and one in Australia. A UK unit was moved to Melbourne which was lucky for them because I was preparing to invade the port if it stayed ungarrisoned. But this means one less UK unit in India. There are only three Australian units left holding the East Coast (another 2 are holding ports in western areas.

The lack of US divisions showing up by now in Australia leaves me wondering what the Allied plan is. They could be holding back an invasion force because in this Scenario you can shut down all the Australian ports for Japanese supply by just taking one of the Islands.

While I send more units to Australia to get the forces strong enough for a drive on Brisbane, it is questionable that this is worth doing. Right now my main purpose is to draw US and UK forces into Australia to defend it and keep them distracted from hitting all these islands that are hard to defend. But from a Victory point of view Australia isn't worth much. There is only one VP hex, Canberry, and I am a long way from being able to even threaten it.

For now I try to move garrisons into all the Islands and Port I have to hold to keep Australian ports in supply. I have added the 17th Army to the force advancing on Brisbane. Now they just need good weather.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/17/2021 1:47:27 PM)

42 May 10 Cont'd.

China - Clear

Finally a clear weather turn. I make my attacks to take Changsha and push back their line.

To the south of the city I attack the 11th Army Group.
After Air attacks a 6:1 attack is made. -1 for Japanese to -3 for Chinese but hold.
The second attack at 8:1 shatters the army group.

The main attack against Changsha again lead by air attacks.
1st Round: 2:1 Hits -2 J vs -1 Hold for Ch.
2nd Round: 2:1 Hits -1 vs -2 holds.
3rd Round: 2:1 Hits 0 vs -3 holds.
4th Round: 2:1 Hits -1 vs -2 holds.
5th Round: 2:1 Hits -1 vs -2 holds again.

Have to wait for next turn to finish this.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/17/2021 1:51:44 PM)

42 May 10 Cont'd.

Burma - Clear

This time the two armies are cut off from supply and completely surrounded.

First an attack is made on Chittagong with fleet support making it a 9:1 attack. Surrenders.

To the north an attack is made against a weak division at 4:1 leading to its retreat.

The line is moved up to Dacca and Chittagong occupied.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/17/2021 2:01:57 PM)

42 May 24

Reinforcements are the usual Inf. Div.
Production: Inf. Div., 2 Oilers, 1 Truck.
Convoy War: Another 8 Merchants sunk.

Not much is happening other than cleaning up loose ends.
No sign of what the US is up to with their now substantial fleet.

Australia - Rain so little or no action.

S. Pacific - Garrison on Tonga died so unopposed landing made.


The attack against Changsha continues:
1st round: After air attacks a 3:1 attack is made: 0 hits vs 2 hits but holds.
2nd round: After switching out for fresher armies a 6:1 attack is made. 4 hits and the defender retreats.
Changsha is taken which pretty much ends all I plan to do in China for now. I will be making attacks of opportunity to cause casualties so they can't rebuild their armies but little else. Weather and supply make a deep incursion into China to reach the next layer of VP hexes rather difficult.


Attack on the remaining surround corps forces it to surrender.
Some minor small attacks on divisions causes casualties but no retreats. Their line holds.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/17/2021 2:07:18 PM)

42 Jun 7

Again little action. I am beginning to wonder if the Japanese have reached their limits. They don't have enough force relative to the defenders to make anything but pin ****s.

Convoy war though is going great. Sank another 14 Merchants.
Reinforcements are usual Inf. Div. plus 1 Oiler and 1 Truck.

China - Clear

Make a few attrition attacks forcing the line below Changsha back some more.

Burma - dreaded heavy rains shut everything down.

Australia and S. Pacific

Still moving slowly toward Brisbane.

Kido Butai returns to Fiji to refuel and rest.

Still no sign of what the US is up too.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/17/2021 2:18:29 PM)

42 Jun 21

Another non-turn. Rain shutting down two of the fronts.
Reinforcements and production same as before.

The US makes its first sub attacks on the China convoy routes. Does nothing which is to be expected. They only have two sub groups with bad torpedoes.

Convoy War: The Allies finally shut it down but Kido returns since they will probably alternate closing and opening.
The UK is down to 37 Merchants. The US is still at 41.

The US should be receiving the Wasp CV this coming turn. That will give them a six CV fleet. The question is what will they do with it?

Victory situation:
The Japanese have 320 VP and are gaining at the rate of 27 per turn.
The Allies have probably 224 VP and are gaining at the rate of 15 per turn.
That gives the Japanese an expanding lead at the rate of 12 per turn. The Allies will need to do something about that very soon. Hopefully, I can keep them distracted a bit longer in India and Australia, since they can easily pick off some of these islands like Wake.

Australia - Rain and no combat.

India - Rain and no combat.


Still continuing to hunt of good odds attacks to just cause casualties.
I make three attacks against the Res. Army causing a lot of damage but it holds.

CaptBeefheart -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/19/2021 7:46:39 AM)

kennonlightfoot: Just wanted to say I'm reading your AAR. Many thanks. I just picked this game up with my anniversary coupon and I'm trying to get a feel for it.

Just to clarify, if he re-took one of the New Hebrides or Solomons (maybe even New Britain or New Guinea) bases he'd disrupt your supply line to Oz? How does that work?


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/19/2021 9:17:07 PM)


ORIGINAL: CaptBeefheart

kennonlightfoot: Just wanted to say I'm reading your AAR. Many thanks. I just picked this game up with my anniversary coupon and I'm trying to get a feel for it.

Just to clarify, if he re-took one of the New Hebrides or Solomons (maybe even New Britain or New Guinea) bases he'd disrupt your supply line to Oz? How does that work?


It is something stueand set up in the scenario that prevents the Japanese from receiving supplies through ports in India, DEI, and Australia unless they can also hold ports (usually) in other locations. For Eastern Australia it is set up so the Japanese have to control all the ports in New Guinea (both UK and DEI sides) and the Solomon Islands including New Caledonia. That includes a lot of very small islands with 1 level ports which are hard to keep under sufficient land based air to defend them. All the Allied has to do is concentrate on one of them like Henderson Field and take it to cut off all the supply to Japanese units in Eastern Australia. I believe the requirement includes the New Hebrides Islands but I haven't verify that. I took them mostly for bases to support taking New Caledonia and Fiji.

If that isn't enough to discourage the Japanese from making landings, they also have to take the ports in order starting with Cairns and moving south. If any of these chain of ports is broken by a Allied landing, then all the units pass the loss port are cut off from supply.

I was able to avoid the restrictions which were mean to also prevent early taking of Australian ports before they had enough force to defend them, by making landings taking undefended ports then using my coastal ships to keep them in supply. That way the garrisons for Cairns and Townsville were already cut off when I finally qualified for supply. That allowed me to quickly expand my control all the way to Rock Hampton.

With the extreme restrictions and how easily the Japanese could get cut off, taking these Australian ports probably is a bad idea. But I wanted test how well the restrictions were doing at achieving that purpose. I also wanted to force stjeand to have to spend most of 42 trying to shore up these positions rather than picking off my islands.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/20/2021 1:49:03 PM)

42 Jul 5

US Subs try to attack my convoys with what I have seen the usual results before their torpedoes upgrade. Nothing.
My escort bonuses don't show up. Which seems to be the rule. I don't know what in the game decides when you should see that you have a bonus or not. But the ships were there.

Reinforcements: Inf. Div. Production: Inf. Div., Oiler, and a Supply Truck.

Convoy War: I have scared off all attempts to get through.

Situation: The US now has six CV's with the addition of the Wasp last turn. From now on I will have to be careful with my fleets and try to keep them near land based support. But at the same time I would prefer a carrier battle where I have the better odds of winning. This won't last into 43.

China - Clear

But all I am doing there for the time being is attacks of opportunity where I can get more hits to weaken the Chinese.

India - Heavy Rains.

Weather has become the determining factor in India.

Australia and S. Pacific

I am pulling back toward the ports with the intent of withdrawing all my units. I have accomplished about all I can which is to distract the Allies.

Kido pulls back to Suva to refuel and rebuild effectiveness.

To replace Kido I send the CVL based Indian Ocean fleet to raid the Indian Ocean convoy route.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/20/2021 1:56:58 PM)

42 Jul 19

Japanese Warships Advance to 43.
US Subs try to attack and fail.
Reinforcements: 1 Inf. Div. Production: Inf. Div., Oiler, Truck, and AA.
I will be trying to build up my defensive and support capacity with production of things like Trucks and AA.

Convoy War: Sink 9 Merchants.

China - Clear
But again just attacks of opportunity to weaken the Chinese.

Australia and S. Pacific.

I take the final Island, Pago Pago.
Kido Butai back to 97% Effectiveness.

In Australia I start my withdrawal and retreat northward.

Burma/India - Clear weather finally.

Attacked the Indian Corps driving it back. It required three attacks though costing me 5 and their unit 7 before it retreated. But now I am in position to take Dacca if the weather stays clear.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/22/2021 3:24:00 PM)

42 Aug 2

US CV fleet showed up in Indian Ocean and sank one of my CVL's, Ryujo.
Also, made a bomber attack against Port Moresby bottoming one of my destroyers.
I'll have to be more careful where I place ships now that there are long range bombers about.

Convoy war goes on sinking another 3 Merchants.

Production: Another infantry and 2 AA (need some defenses for my ports), and 1 Truck.

The Indian Ocean fleet retreats to Singapore.
But Kido Butai sorties against against the S. Pacific convoy lane.

Australia evacuation is completed except for one unit.

Burma - Heavy Rain.

China - Clear

But the only activity is some attrition attacks to use up Chinese production.

The Burma line is solidifying and may be blocked now. All the units I am facing are now Corps size. The chances made to make taking India harder seem to have worked. Although it is hard to separate the effects of weather. I didn't feel like the Japanese got much of a break on rain.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/22/2021 3:32:06 PM)

42 Aug 16

The Japanese receive a battleship this turn plus my usual infantry division and 2 AA's.
Builds for this turn are: Inf. Div., 1 Escort, and 2 AA. The Reinf/Upgrade is increased to 120.

The Convoy War is going very well. I think the Allied side is going to have to come up with some kind of counter to it but I am not certain how much this actually damages the Allies. It slowed the movement of production to India but I am not sure if it was serious enough to be worth the risks to the Japanese. They lost a CVL last turn.

UK is down to 18 Merchants and the US has 38. But with a stable Indian front they have time to rebuild their Merchant fleets. A lot depends on how easy it is for the US to substitute its Merchants for supplying India so the UK can produce infantry to support Inida.

Burma - more heavy rain.


Still just attrition attacks.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: AAR-Historic Project Me as Japan against stjeand (7/22/2021 4:40:33 PM)

42 Aug 30

This will probably the last post, other than just discussion, on this AAR since the new version is out and stjeand is also making an update to his "Historic Project" scenario.

I noticed that Japanese production bonus of 4% goes down to 3% every once in a while. Apparently, the Bauxite mines in Philippines (hex 65,52) function only if it doesn't rain to hard.

Convoy War - for the time being it looks like the Allies have shut it down.

US Subs wandering around in the China sea but aren't attacking. Don't know what purpose that has other than risking the loss of a sub if they get to close to my air units.

I finally remembered I have enough points to rework my codes. Hopefully that will make my ships a little harder to target. But I am not clear what that actually does.

China is a stalemate. Nether side is strong enough to sustain an offensive.

Burma - Heavy Rains
This will probably end any attempt to break into India.


The last Japanese unit is withdrawn as the Japanese switch to defense and garrisoning islands to slow the retaking of VP hexes by the Allies.

Victory Level

The Japanese have 455 VP with it increasing at the rate of 27 per turn.
The Allies have about 300 VP (I am estimating) with a rate of 15 per turn.

That give the Japanese a 12 point increase each turn for as long as they can hold on to their VP hexes. But the Allies have to take back 6 just to keep the Japanese from accumulating a larger advantage than the 155 lead they now have. I haven't studied these numbers enough to see how things will play out but both sides have VP hexes that are hard or impossible to retake. Allies have ones in US and Russia. Japanese home islands and probably the ones in China.

just a rough estimate would be that the Japanese will increase their lead to over 300 before the Allies hold enough VP hexes to start decreasing that number. And that will be probably mid 1943. Which means they would have two years (52 turns) to accumulate the 300 points needed to win. The bad news for the Japanese is that requires only holding an average advantage of six VP over that time. I haven't studied the map VP locations to see how difficult it will be for the Allies to get control of over 12 more VP hexes than they are currently holding.

Anyway, here is the Pacific situation at the end of this turn.


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