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The Land -> Some event suggestions: (7/4/2021 8:25:23 AM)

Just a few...
- Egyptian Legion event should either not fire, or be revised, if Japan holds Egypt to stop there being a German unit there that can never have supply
- Is there a diplomatic event on Turkey for if Germany holds Egypt? If so, allow it to happen if Japan holds Egypt
- Gibraltar Travel Loop should be available to Japanese units as well as German / Italian. If Axis hold Gibraltar it should be available to the Allies, as well.
- Archangelsk Convoy should rely on USSR holding relevant resources on the rail line from Archangelsk (similar to the change made to Murmansk).

(You can probably guess form his how my current game is going ;) )

The Land -> RE: Some event suggestions: (7/5/2021 7:56:50 AM)

Also, in the circumstances where Britain surrenders due to National Morale exhaustion, it should not then be liberated next turn if there is a US unit in Manchester, and restored to life with 100,000NM points.

Indeed I would suggest that if Britain surrenders in this manner and Germany holds Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad then the US should offer unconditional surrender as well. ;)

The Land -> RE: Some event suggestions: (7/5/2021 8:57:29 AM)

And after a UK surrender, what's happening with Australia, Canada and South Africa - they all appear to be fighting on, despite being UK minors. Have they transferred to being US minors or something?

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