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Captjohn757 -> Mediterranean map suggestion (6/30/2021 4:53:17 AM)

Now that we have successfully eliminated "freedom of navigation" and effectively turned the Med into an Italian lake (yeah, like that really happened in WW2), at least ye olde cartographers can get out their pens and paintbrushes and do a proper job of delineating those ship and amphib boundaries that are otherwise only referenced in the manual, to wit:


Suggested are translucent boundaries in sea foam green and purple (pastel) so as not to overwhelm the map.

Making this information accessible on the map would be appreciably more convenient than having to search a manual/strategy guide (don't they have generals' aides for that?). As with other fluctuating borders in the game, these could be made to disappear upon Italy's entrance into the war. Best to all . . .

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: Mediterranean map suggestion (7/11/2021 11:50:58 PM)

Oh, I agree with this sentiment.

btw..I was the one who designed these maps after tripping across or miscounting the range from Syracuse once too often. [:D]

Captjohn757 -> RE: Mediterranean map suggestion (7/20/2021 1:41:10 AM)

Hey, Old Crow . . . would have replied sooner had not the moving van interrupted life for a few days. Thanks for your contribution --- counting hexes reminds me too much of the nuisance brought on by manually tracing lines of supply on a paper map with cardboard counters getting pushed all over the place, usually unintentionally. We have computers, might as well take advantage of their capabilities.

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