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El_Condoro -> Hex layer changes after each save? (6/30/2021 1:46:05 AM)

I wanted to use hex layer sprites 10-15 in the tile_sprites.png and tile_sprites_zoom.png files, so I started with making a change to sprite 15. Of course, when I opened my custom map, many hexes showed the changed sprite and so I selected sprite 1 and clicked until all the sprite 15 hexes had been changed. I then updated the AI and event scripts and saved. After the save, I saw that many hexes that had not been sprite 15 changed to it. I did this multiple times and each time different hexes changed to sprite 15.

That seems to indicate that a map will randomly select sprite tiles (1-15, which are plain hexes) when it is saved. This makes editing those sprites unworkable.

Can someone confirm this for me, please, and explain why this occurs?

Elessar2 -> RE: Hex layer changes after each save? (6/30/2021 11:52:39 PM)

Yes, I noticed that all of the 100% solid land units (and sea ones) randomly shift upon each save. It would appear to be a feature to avoid the annoying repetition of sprite patterns if you painted large sections of the map with the same one. You're basically stuck with all of the solid land/sea hexes as they currently are.

Down on my priority list would be a project to redraw a lot of the hybrid hexes-far too often a sea hex with some land/a land hex with some sea will have weirdly extreme shapes to the coastlines (exaggerated bays or promontories), often making it difficult to draw straight coasts in some situations.

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