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shri -> Garrisons for all (6/26/2021 6:21:16 AM)

So, from what little i understand, the Corps represent actual corps which fought in the war, the detachments are brigade level or divisional level troops.
Garrisons are regiments.

Ottos need to protect a very long coastline, the Austrians need to Garrison the coast/Italy likewise and Belgrade and if Germany pushed into Russia, then they have to garrison Minsk etc and in case their navy loses a lot of ships, Hamburg etc.

So, why not allow say 5 garrisons each to all major countries, Russia anyway starts with around 5 garrisons, so maybe Russia can get 5 more.

This won't break the game. As garrisons are useless in attack, quite weak in defense and cannot entrench, but they can hold the line for 1 turn till troops are operated. This part is Historical.

FOARP -> RE: Garrisons for all (6/28/2021 1:48:28 PM)

They can cause problems when the AI puts them in the front-line, but am not against this in principle.

shri -> RE: Garrisons for all (6/29/2021 4:05:55 AM)

Maybe the script can be disabled for the AI, AI anyway gets a lot of free units in the highest version.

Garrisons are the 5 strength units, think of Volksturm or Homeguard units of WW2. They have literally 0 attack abilities and any corps can kill them in max 2 shots. They are a deterrent to gain the 1/2 turns necessary to operate units to stop a massive amphibious assault, simply because such assaults were impossible in WW1 era.

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