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torbenalbertsen -> opponent(s) wanted (6/26/2021 1:13:07 AM)


long time (but not to consistent) WiF player looking for opponent. I have no experience with the matrix version (just bought it) but have played it on vassal last couple of years, and the board game I played for several years long before that. I am no ace, but can hold my own... I think. I prefer to play global war, but could also be persuaded to play waking giant. I like to play both sides. I am more than willing to play a game with more than one opponent.


torbenalbertsen -> RE: opponent(s) wanted (9/6/2021 12:27:03 PM)

a little update

I have now played the matrix game a few time online, but in our experience there is a lot of bugs, we had to start over one game because of it. I am looking for a PBEM game mostly. I havent played the matrix version by pbem, but i presume its a single game where you send the file and keep connected via wattsapp or some platform. I am situated in chile but am danish. I can also play the vassel version by pbem, either will do.

I prefer global war or missed the bus, although my long time goal is to get some stable players for a DOD game.

as to the game rules on matrix as well as the side I play I am pretty flexible.

Gratch1111 -> RE: opponent(s) wanted (9/20/2021 8:48:10 PM)

Bought the game a couple of years ago and started playing solo, but other things came up. Have more time now and if you are interested I could play a game, however I need a week or two to refresh the rules. Global war is fine by me


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