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jwarrenw13 -> Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/21/2021 9:07:47 PM)

Hi. There is a discussion on Steam about how the Germans can win Alamo at St. Mere Eglise. I just played through the scenario and won as the Germans. I meant to take screenshots for Steam but forgot what I was doing and instead took pictures using the Windows Snipping Tool and upload to Imgur, which is how I do it for the Matrix forums. So I'm creating this post to explain what I did and to show pictures to, well, verify the win. I hope this will be helpful to new players.

So here is my explanation I wrote after each turn along with a couple of pictures.

I just opened the game up and gave it another try and got lucky at the end to get an Axis victory. Here is what I did.

My goal is to attack on the left to dominate the cluster of buildings near the traffic circle.

Turn 1 - I went left with all units, pinned the US half squad in the leftmost entrenchment, and assaulted into the entrenchment with Bauer to eliminate it. I have Bauer's stack in the entrenchment and then two more stacks in the same building on the left. I am not going to divide my forces and try to hunt down the US individual units. I will concentrate and take on one element at a time from a central position. The US responds by moving Speirs into the farmhouse on the other side of the traffic circle. and Andrews moves up to the right of my group. [Another note. I wish the hexes were numbered.] The other US half squad that was in the woods is destroyed by fire from one of my other squads.

Turn 2 - Bauer destroys the entrenched halfsquad at the end of the street. I move the two leaderless stacks into the wood and combine them, out of LOS of Speirs and Andrews and then advance that stack adjacent to Andrews, with casualties.

Turn 3 - My leaderless stack causes casualties to Andrews's stack, and I move Bauer's stack adjacent to Andrews, and then assault Andrews with the first stack. Andrews is destroyed. In the US turn, Speirs moves across the traffic circle to the entrenchments on the other side of it. He loses a half squad in the process. The remaining US half squad at the other end of town moves into buildings out of LOS of my stacks.

Turn 4 - Now to turn back to Speirs. The goal is to get both stacks adjacent to Speirs during movement. I fire with Bauer, and Speirs loses another half squad. I move the leaderless stack back into the woods so it can advance adjacent to Speirs in the advance/assault phase. I'm able to get the leaderless stack adjacent to Speirs along with Bauer with two squads. The other is pinned in defensive fire. In the US turn, both sides suffer casualties.

Turn 5 - Now ready to fire into Speirs with both stacks and then assault. More US casualties in the Axis fire phase. Speirs is down to one squad. I move the formerly pinned squad one hex to Bauer. Speirs reaction fires. So I'm ready to assault Speirs with 1.5 squads in one stack and with Bauer and two full squads in the other stack. It takes two assaults to do it. I lose the 1.5 squads but Bauer gets the job done. I'm left with Bauer and 1.5 squads vs one US half squad. I will try to reach that one in turn 6. The US half squad retreats to the entrenchments in the street, his starting position. I miss in defensive fire.

Turn 6 - That means the only way to reach him is either to try fire again in the German turn 6 or to move all the way down the street in the open to get to him. I don't like that idea, so I will just try to destroy or pin him with fire. I get lucky and destroy the US half squad in defensive fire in the US turn.

I go back and replay the US turn from the save game and hold my fire in the Axis defensive fire phase to see what the game would give me. It called the game a draw.

The point is, you can win as the Germans. It is always going to be a close thing though. The key, in my opinion, is keeping your forces together in a central position and taking on the US one group at a time. [I might add that while learning the game, if you get really frustrated during a turn, you can exit the game and start the turn over by loading the scenario. It is saved at the end of each turn. It is actually a good way to see how things can work out, and I did it on the last turn after I had won the game to see what the game would have given me if I had not gotten a lucky shot in. Don't hesitate to do that if it can help you get a better handle on the game.]

Situation immediately after eliminating the last US half squad that was in the entrenchment in the street on the right.


Victory screen.


MorningDew -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/28/2021 2:46:09 AM)

I've played it about 15 times, including about 5 following your approach. No win yet. You should post a video. I'd be curious to see what you are doing differently.

MorningDew -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/30/2021 12:18:35 AM)

Now 6 hours of playing the same scenario...yet to win a single game of Alamo as Axis. Does not seem to be a very balanced scenario.

Monkie -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/30/2021 2:47:34 AM)

I've won it twice from what I remember, that is out of 10 times I"ve played that scenario. Best strategy was to have only 2 stacks of units maximizing firepower and keeping in the southern buildings. Speirs will eventually move down from the north and try to attack on your left flank, don't worry about him and stay out of his lane of fire, he brings a lot of firepower with him. Reduce each of the smaller half squad in the sandbagged positions one by one.

The biggest issue is that you have to kill Andrews as quickly as possible, he will usually move south one hex and take up a position in the building covering the street and making any advance across it suicide. If you get lucky and take him out first you are way ahead and you can position and plan for Speirs eventual arrival.

Make sure to stay in the buildings where you can move under continual cover. The one stack you have that will be leaderless will also have the satchel charge which comes in handy if you get adjacent to one of the Airborne half squads in the street defensive positions.

I"m still trying to figure out how to import the scenarios into the scenario editor in order to change up some of the OOB's so far no luck.

yobowargames -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/30/2021 2:50:20 AM)

Hi Monkie

Ping me an email and I can help you with that.

Monkie -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/30/2021 2:54:16 AM)

Great will do.

jwarrenw13 -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/30/2021 4:33:49 AM)

I think Monkie gives good advice. I gave a good description of what I did in my first post, and I generally followed his advice. I think the key ground is the cluster of trees and buildings near the roundabout. Get there as quickly as possible and consolidate. Don't divide your forces trying to hunt down all the US element. Hunt them one at a time. But then I also got lucky with a last-turn kill of the last US unit and have lost that scenario playing from both sides numerous times.

Near the end of the beta, I wrote this in reply to someone asking for advice. I tried to give some general guidelines for good play. We were discussing Rudder's Rangers Clear the Pointe, but this applies to any scenario:

*Use cover whenever you can as carefully as you can. Plan your moves like chess. Analyze. Anything to get one less enemy stack firing at you.

*Do things that get you out of enemy LOS/LOF. Use the LOS tool to help. It is quite valuable, and the developers improved how it works greatly during beta. For example, in Rudders Rangers Clear the Pointe, the house where Lehmann sits actually creates a dead zone to the northeast of it for the 88 and all the units stacked near it. You can advance on Lehmann, while putting fire on him from the tree line, without encountering fire from the units near the 88. Try the LOS with those units to find the dead zone. I learned that trick from the AI btw.

*Which brings me to the next point. Play the scenario as the defender and watch the AI. The AI usually plays conservatively and knows the best path to attack, though it is often a little too slow and does sometimes make bad moves. But It also makes some really good moves sometimes.

*Know the range of the enemy weapons. Sometimes you can move while just out of range to get in position. That works well btw to enter the dead zone I mention above.

*Concentrate fire. I try to concentrate fire on one enemy unit at a time and have had success with that. If I have three stacks that can fire at three enemy stacks, I usually fire them all at one stack and try to gain what you might call local superiority that way over one stack at a time.

MorningDew -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (6/30/2021 5:51:28 PM)

Thanks - will try these tonight.

El_Condoro -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (7/8/2021 2:48:15 PM)

Yes, it can be done. I found that when I rushed the west side of the board, Spiers remained in the open and didn't move for the whole game. I got lucky with my first attack taking out the entrenched US infantry to the west, which allowed me to move other units to the west quickly.


jwarrenw13 -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (7/8/2021 7:07:24 PM)

That's interesting. Good job. I've never seen Speirs do that. I've seen him move right and come in through the woods instead of down the road and into the farmhouse but I've never gotten him to freeze. Well done. In fact I would tend to call getting Speirs to freeze up a glitch in the AI programming for the scenario that the developer should look at.

Monkie -> RE: Winning Alamo at St. Mere Eglise as the Axis (7/8/2021 7:56:19 PM)

I've seen the AI stay in the open needlessly a couple of times in differen't scenarios but usually they head for the best cover they can and engage and neutralize before moving again. AI will never be perfect but some tweaking to make sure they don't just stop without cover would be good.

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