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mdsmall -> Timing of Decision Events (6/20/2021 6:57:57 PM)

Hi Bill - many Decision Events in the game are set to fire on or after a specific date. However, those calendar dates do not necessarily line up with the dates for each player turn. What determines the player turn in which a DE fires?

For example, the German DE regarding funding the Irish Nationalists is set to fire on March 1, 1916. I assumed therefore that I would see that event on next CP turn after March 1, which falls on April 8, 1916. So, I was surprised to see that it fired at the end of the previous CP turn, which falls on February 26. What determines if a DE pegged to a specific date fires on the nearest turn for that side before that date versus after that date?

Thanks advance for your explanations of these fine points of the game.


Hubert Cater -> RE: Timing of Decision Events (6/21/2021 1:56:19 PM)

Hi Michael,

At the end of the turn, e.g. when you hit end turn, the first thing processed is a rolling forward of the date to the next turn's date, and then the end of turn events are processed, so from your description, this is working as intended.

Granted, the in game date that is displayed does not update until the next player starts their turn so I can see the confusion here.


mdsmall -> RE: Timing of Decision Events (6/21/2021 5:19:55 PM)

Hi Hubert - Now that you explain how the game engine work, it makes perfect sense. In effect the Decision Events that pop up at the beginning of a turn were triggered by events dating from the end of the last player turn; and the Decision Events that pop up at the end of a turn are triggered by events that occur before the start of the next player turn.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Timing of Decision Events (6/21/2021 6:37:18 PM)

Yes, this would be the logical flow, however there are some DECISION events that are specifically set to only fire at the beginning of a turn.

For example this could be a decision we would like the player to specifically make before they play their turn as the results of that decision are critical to what they will then do on that turn etc.

So these will actually only fire at the beginning of a turn, and of these that are dependent on other triggered events as pre-requisites, they will as you've noted only fire once those events have also occurred.

If there is no pre-requisite factors, then the event will simply fire at the beginning, or end of a turn, however it is set in the DECISION event structure.

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