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Comcikda -> Operation 21th : Battle for Sado island (6/20/2021 4:44:08 AM)

I was struggling to make it work on steam and make this scene truly playable. If you have any criticism, please do not hesitate. After all, I havenít played this game for a long time.
It is an Sci-Fi scenario based on the battle in the visual novel "Muv Luv Alternative".
Simply put, command human forces against aliens.
The scene length is 24 rounds, which is 24 hours

Operational briefing:
The first stage:
the United Nations space fleet's artillery fire suppresses Sado Island.
The Second stage(And this scenario begins at here):
the IJN 2nd Fleet entered Makino Bay from the west and used gunfire at sea to suppress Beta and cover the beaches seized by the Whiskey troops.
Stage Third :
After taking control of the Whiskey Point and building a bridgehead ,UN Pacific Fleet from the east side of Sado Island to cover the Echo troops beach.Among them, IJA TSF brigade went north, responsible for luring the enemy.
Stage Four:
after the capture of Sato Island airfield, the UN 6th Orbital Airborne brigade will parachutes into Hive and manage to destroy it.

Remember to put Operation 21th in Graphics Override into TOAW4's path/Graphics Override/ to have right Equipment icons!


Comcikda -> RE: Operation 21th : Battle for Sado island (6/20/2021 4:49:59 AM)

Anyway,here is the files.

Updated 7/21/2021 alpha-2: Fixed an event bug and other variable adjustment

Comcikda -> RE: Operation 21th : Battle for Sado island (6/20/2021 5:05:46 AM)

Scenario preview


Lobster -> RE: Operation 21th : Battle for Sado island (6/20/2021 12:34:05 PM)

The 'devs' have done zero to help people with the Workshop. I don't think they know much about how to do it themselves.

Comcikda -> RE: Operation 21th : Battle for Sado island (7/21/2021 3:27:27 PM)

Update:Little improvement and event bug fix

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