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rmeckman -> Acoustic Intercept Sensors (6/19/2021 6:53:16 PM)

I've noticed that many submarines have an acoustic-intercept sensor, such as the IPS CSU 3 on the ARA San Luis (Maria and Victoria scenario) or the Type 2019 [DUUG 2] on Trafalgar-class submarines. How does an acoustic-intercept sensor differ from a passive sonar within the game? Also, is the 150 nm range listed for many of these sensors accurate? This is very far compared to other underwater sensors, including top-of-the-line towed arrays.

Sardaukar -> RE: Acoustic Intercept Sensors (6/19/2021 10:28:32 PM)

An acoustic intercept capability is needed to detect active signals before the UV is detected, so that it can vector away from the source.

It works on frequency of active sonar.

Rory Noonan -> RE: Acoustic Intercept Sensors (6/21/2021 4:52:35 PM)

Acoustic Intercept Sensors for sonar are analogous to ESM for radar; it detects active sonar transmissions passively and can do so at further distance than the active sonar transmission can potentially detect the platform carrying the Acoustic Intercept Sensor.

Muhammad.Tufail -> RE: Acoustic Intercept Sensors (7/7/2021 11:46:49 PM)

It is a passive sonar. Its detecting result can be fused with active sonar's result.

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