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JFS737 -> [Logged] MQ-25 not enough Fuel (6/18/2021 5:13:40 AM)

I tried both version of the tanker 4917 and 4916 and the results were identical. Using Build 1147.25 and DB 3000 v 488.
I flew the MQ25A tanker to 500nm and noted the "fuel to Bingo" ... this is the amount of fuel it could "give" to the clients.

After a standard transit at cruise and 36,000 feet, the Bingo/Give was 4231 kg / 9328 lbs. Now, this does NOT include 21.6 kg/min burn during the time it takes to give this fuel to clients.... so it could be more than 400kg less (about 15-20 minutes), so the total available "give" would be less than 4000 kg or less than 8818 lbs.

The issue here is that it is proposed that this tanker would have 15,000 lbs "Give" at 500nm.... and right now it's about 8800 lbs or so.
Takeoff fuel is just under 9000 kg or 19,841 lbs. Assuming this is correct, the fuel burn must be much too high? Or possibly, the takeoff fuel is not correct.
The tanker has 1272 kg of reserve which seems reasonable at a carrier.

I know the jet is not in service yet and it may not achieve it's design goals, but it seems to be quite light on fuel at 500nm... I could not find on the internet it's Takeoff fuel load. Maybe I have this wrong, but something seems off. If not, then it needs about 5 -6000 lbs (Edit to make this lbs and not kg) of extra Takeoff fuel or reduce the burn rate?


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