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coldiceEVO -> Do FoW reshroud with black hex now? (6/17/2021 8:33:53 AM)

Always playing on the strictest Fog of war.
I remember I could still see the hex terrain, location of enemies cities and roads and any static info ever scouted after the area go dark, a few versions earlier. Right now it shroud it back to black hex once recon is lost on the region.
I didn't find(ctrl+f) anything in the beta log about the fog of war as well.

Twotribes -> RE: Do FoW reshroud with black hex now? (6/17/2021 10:41:49 AM)

What exactly is your setting on planet creation?

zgrssd -> RE: Do FoW reshroud with black hex now? (6/17/2021 4:29:02 PM)

While I missuse the terms as well, there are actually two different things:
Fog of War

Unexplored is when you do not even know the terrain.
Fog of War is all the parts where you do know the terrain, but got no active line of sight so you might miss units.

You are saying the Hexes drop all the way to "unexplored", rather then Fog of War?

Twotribes -> RE: Do FoW reshroud with black hex now? (6/17/2021 9:34:29 PM)

depending on settings at creation can determine what is viewable and what is blacked out unless something has changed.

coldiceEVO -> RE: Do FoW reshroud with black hex now? (6/18/2021 3:04:10 AM)

FOW setting is "complete"
After reviewing my auto saves, I may had made mistake stating that explored hex fall to the black/explored. It's not.
but darkened hex would hide previous known static structure information like hex perk or cities with their road networks after losing the recon on said hexes. Terrain not affected, explored terrain is still explored.
For example, I was looking for a refugee camp found out turns earlier, and I lost it the next turn. and one next turn later I founded it again. I made some screenshots but I can't upload any.
The confusion with black hex was me believing that the camp was up north in the the black hex.
I don't remember cities, roads and hex perk ever disappear in recon prior to this playthrough. They would show in darkened state.

BlueTemplar -> RE: Do FoW reshroud with black hex now? (6/18/2021 9:19:27 AM)

One issue is that annoying me is how the fog of war seems to be weirdly designed for assets & roads rather than units :

as the fog of war shading disappears as soon as you have 1 recon on the hex, there's often no fog of war shown on hexes where you don't have enough recon to know that there is a unit or not (which *is* pretty much what "fog of war" even means !),

therefore forcing you to click every non fog-of-war-ed hex every turn,
(in territory that is not yours or completely revealed by spies),
and trying to remember which hexes are *actually* in the fog of war and might contain unit(s), and which are "safe".

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