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1nutworld -> KML Transfer Data/Information Update (6/13/2021 12:38:57 PM)

Hi everyone,

Quite a few years ago Baloogan did a YouTube video describing how to use a program called KML Update, for users to add entrees to the database.

Along with that program, was a Notepad list of Unit ID's broken down from Cold War era to Modern times, and At the time, I believe it was last updated to "2015+"

Now, that could mean that the unit ID information has continually been updated that was on those notepad files, but somehow I don't believe it has been. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

So my questions are as follows:
1) Does anyone know who wrote the program at the time, and compiled the Database ID's that were used?
2) Does anyone know the last time, that said KML transfer program, and subsequent Database ID's have been updated to account for things like say:

Antenna Tower - TV -- Generic (Generic), UHF
Antenna Tower - TV -- Generic (Generic), VHF-Hi
Antenna Tower - TV -- Generic (Generic), VHF-Lo

(Data copied from CMO v1.03 Official Build 1147.23)

I ask because I know that there have been many, many Database updates since Baloogan's YouTube video was first uploaded, but I know that I still find the information on that video and the KML Update tool very valuable for creating my own scenarios.

BDukes -> RE: KML Transfer Data/Information Update (6/13/2021 2:23:57 PM)

Username was Tukey. I haven't heard from him in ages but perhaps Dimitris has. No idea here if it's been updated but he developed it as a community took and doubt he'd have a problem with anybody updating it.


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