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sPzAbt653 -> Velikiye Luki (6/12/2021 4:13:54 PM)

The Citadel Town of Velikiye Luki, Russia, protected the north-south supply and communication route between Army Groups North and Center. While the Soviets were attacking Stalingrad in November 1942, they also commenced an offensive to capture Velikiye Luki in preparation for further operations aimed at cutting off Army Group North.

sPzAbt653 -> RE: Velikiye Luki (6/12/2021 4:14:54 PM)

This is a medium sized scenario with a 65 x 55 map and about 200 units for each side.


sPzAbt653 -> RE: Velikiye Luki (6/12/2021 4:15:35 PM)

Other than elements of the 83rd Infantry Division, the Germans initially defended Velikiye Luki with a collection of Security and Rear Area troops.


sPzAbt653 -> RE: Velikiye Luki (6/12/2021 4:16:07 PM)

This scenario was one of the old V4V series games. The graphics were recreated as close as possible to the original.


rhinobones -> RE: Velikiye Luki (6/13/2021 12:56:25 AM)

Really appreciate that you have dedicated the time to re-creating a favorite from the v4v era. After VL scenario their North Africa game comes in as a close second . . . thatís a hint. Also like your graphics. With your permission I would like to use selected tiles in future projects.

Ironic that you posted this scenario. In May I attempted to contact the original author of a TOAW III version and so far have received no response. This version of VL will differ from yours in that it is shorter and therefore has fewer formations entering the battle. All regiments have been broken down to their component battalions (total units about 400) and PO play uses multiple randomized objective tracks. Might be posting it in a couple of months.

A couple of screen shots from the version I am working on follows.

Once again, cheers to you for bringing VL back to life. Now, the real challenge is to change it from IGUG to WEGO!!!

Best Regards


sPzAbt653 -> RE: Velikiye Luki (6/14/2021 11:14:21 PM)

Thanks Mr. Bones. And sure, you are welcome to use any of those graphics.

cathar1244 -> RE: Velikiye Luki (6/15/2021 2:39:20 PM)

Thanks Steve, looks like a fun scenario.


Darrell999 -> RE: Velikiye Luki (8/18/2021 3:31:43 AM)

THANK YOU! I love those old V for Victory and World at War games. I appreciate your work!

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