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Witold Janik -> Polish Armed Forces - historical corrections (6/12/2021 10:43:56 AM)

Hello everyone!

I’m Witold from Poland. This is my first post here :) I’m the happy owner of WitW for a few months. Still learning the game… :D
I'm a game designer on a daily basis. For example, if you know the board game “1944: Race to the Rhine” - I have put mine 5 cents there ;) (if you don’t - check out this title, it’s used in the US Army Command & General Staff College during Sustaining Offensive Operations classes - yay!). I am kind of famous for putting the cat among the pigeons and re-writing badly written miniature games rule books ;)

I’ve bought WitW, because it will probably be the best tool to test my alternative D-Day plan (maybe more effective comparing to the historical one). I hope I will present AAR here some day, but first I need to start with some historical corrections.

The general problem with depiction of Polish troops in foreign (i.e. not Polish) games is lack of English-language materials (like OdBs etc.) - and it isn't concerned only about WW2, but earlier centuries even more (WW2 is in the best “shape” here). This raises many mistakes and difficulties.
NOTE: At this moment I’m basing primarily on the “1944-45 Campaign (May start)” scenario. I don’t know if the inaccuracies I have given appear in all scenarios.
Historically, all Polish Armed Forces in the West structures were based on standard British TOEs, however - finally, due many circumstances (like manpower or weapon shortages, for example), they could differ.

Let’s begin with…

7th PO Anti-tank Regiment
Organization of this unit - as I lurked through in-game TOEs for British AT regiments - was pretty far from British standard ;)

On December 31 1943, the regiment's roll was 39 officers and 644 privates (683 together - probably full-strength). It was armed with:
- 24 “Wolverine” tank destroyers,
- 8 17-pounders,
- 16 6-pounders,
- 32 tracked vehicles, 114 wheeled vehicles and 19 motorcycles (165 vehicles together).

In the period of May 12th-25th the regiment saw its first combat action (the last Monte Cassino battle) where 1 officer and 2 non-commissioned officers were killed, 11 privates of the regiment were wounded. One SPG burned and 2 damaged.

In next entries I will write about the development of Polish commandos and armored units in Italy and - generally - about the considerable expansion of Polish forces between Nov ‘44 and July ‘45.

Thank you for your attention.

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