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Jagger2002 -> 2.16 patch (6/10/2021 2:05:48 PM)

When will the 2.16 patch come out? I tried to start up a PBEM game vs another player with the BF version. He had the patch and I didn't. So until the patch comes out, the BF and matrix versions are incompatible for PBEM.

TableTop66 -> RE: 2.16 patch (6/18/2021 12:38:54 AM)

Battlefront patch Black Sea v2.16 version - May 27
Matrix/Sliterine/Steam patch Black Sea v2.16 version? [>:]

This Matrix/Sliterine/Steam alliance deal with coordinated patch release across all platforms is becoming a awkward public relationship disaster.


Jagger2002 -> RE: 2.16 patch (6/18/2021 4:41:07 AM)

Well, I don't know but I assume when they produce the PBEM server compatibility patch we will also get the 2.16 patch. Although since we haven't seen a response here on the forum, I can only assume.

Nihilist_Militant -> RE: 2.16 patch (6/20/2021 4:38:30 PM)

"I don't know if I would describe it as "sitting on it". This is our first Steam patch. I have no idea of what happens between when we send it to Slitherine and when it goes on Steam. Slitherine could very well be testing what we sent them, as we test our "Battlefront" patches. They had asked us for updates on it before we sent it to them......so I don't think "sitting on it" (which I take as letting it sit in a virtual corner untouched) is how I would describe it. My post was only meant to say that we've completed our part of the process. " from battlefront forum.

Mantuvec -> RE: 2.16 patch (6/28/2021 2:08:47 PM)

Hi Jagger2002,

I'm afraid there's some confusion about it. We are implementing the PBEM system only for Combat Mission Cold War at the moment.
A new Black Sea patch will come out today but it won't include PBEM yet. [:)]

Jagger2002 -> RE: 2.16 patch (6/28/2021 6:46:56 PM)

OK, no problems. With the 2.16 patch, BS should now be compatible between players regardless of version. And then just use the regular email PBEM system for now.

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