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MemoryLeak -> MANUAL PRINTING QUESTION (6/9/2021 11:39:19 PM)


There are three files that are the game manual:
EDTBTR Manual Ebook 4,744 KB
EDTBTR Manual Light 9,583 KB
EDTBTR Manual Print 13,089 KB

All are 112 pages in length.

I want to print the manual using the least amount of ink but the file labeling is counter intuitive. The one I would think, I'd should choose is Print but it contains the most KB's .

I have opened each file and they all look identical. Anyone have practical experience with printing this manual?

simovitch -> RE: MANUAL PRINTING QUESTION (6/11/2021 4:20:40 PM)

I think you would control the toner use from the printer software. Balance that with how clear you want the graphics to be to select which manual to print.

MemoryLeak -> RE: MANUAL PRINTING QUESTION (6/11/2021 5:06:16 PM)

In the past, there was a 'printer friendly' version of the manual included with most games. A lot of graphics were omitted from it. Pictures of tanks or whatever. My question, without printing all three versions of the manual that are included with this game, which one omits junk graphics?

I'm surprised that you didn't know this. It has nothing to do with the printer settings.
And since the KB for the manual described as print for you game has the highest KB count, I thought it strange. I would have thought it would have the lowest KB count. SO I ask a simple question, Which manual version is printer friendly?

simovitch -> RE: MANUAL PRINTING QUESTION (6/12/2021 3:16:46 PM)


I'm surprised that you didn't know this.

meh, they'll give anyone a moderator avatar these days. Sorry I couldn't help.

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