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cato13 -> Invasion woes (6/9/2021 8:52:42 AM)

Can you any of you good souls help me explain what went wrong with this invasion which has ended my latest mp game.

It looks like the 2 division invasion on the far right of the line failed.

Couple of queries really

1. If the invasion failed, why have the divisions in question ended up in wales and africa??

The manual states

"if an amphibious assault fails, the ground units
will remain ‘on ships’ in the same water hex with the
amphibious HQ unit, representing the evacuation of
the surviving assault forces back to the transport ships.
All prep points are lost."

So if this beach invasion did fail why aren't the units back on the 'ships'

2. if the invasion succeeded but then i was driven back into the sea by counter attacks then why is there no record of the battle as there is on one of the american beaches?

I know its just the way the game is designed but its very frustrating to get ZERO feedback to what actually happened.


loki100 -> RE: Invasion woes (6/9/2021 9:10:50 AM)

if I remember the map, that right hand hex is a port. If so the defender's fight at full strength (check the manual on this) so its very likely the invasion was indeed a failure.

destroyed units tend to turn up in N Ireland.

It looks like you are only showing air battles?

cato13 -> RE: Invasion woes (6/9/2021 9:36:18 AM)

Nope no ports there only ports are le havre and dieppe and i didn't land there, also its showing land battles at the top of the screen shot.

I ran the turn as my opponent to see what he saw as we have no password enabled and i've conceded anyway. When i ran that the invasion landed just fine.

It's pretty much ruined the game and feel like i've wasted many hours on it for a result that makes no sense.

cato13 -> RE: Invasion woes (6/9/2021 9:59:21 AM)

Ok i've ran the turn a few more times and it looks like i may have forgotten to turn refit off for the units in question as when i turn refit off the landing succeeds everytime and when i leave refit on it doesn't. Would be really nice if the game would switch refit off when a unit moves to prevent major F*** ups like this in future! [:)]

I'm still noone the wiser though why the units didn't end up back on the ships like the manual states should've happened [&:]

loki100 -> RE: Invasion woes (6/9/2021 1:01:28 PM)

it has nothing to do with refit, that only determines their interaction with replacements

I'd suggest make this a bug report, you have the saves and someone can have a decent look at it

cfulbright -> RE: Invasion woes (6/9/2021 5:28:50 PM)

I agree with Loki about it having nothing to do with refit. In fact, I leave all my units in refit all the time (unless I put one in Reserve mode), as there doesn't seem to be any downside to having them in Refit v. Ready.


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