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Hailstone -> Conflicting Debrief comments (6/7/2021 4:06:15 PM)

Hello. The debriefing screen after battle shows conflicting comments. After winning decisively the Debrief comment says, "Not only did your attack fail, but the enemy pushed you back". Looks like some of those after battle debriefs need to be edited.


SteveMcClaire -> RE: Conflicting Debrief comments (6/7/2021 7:52:38 PM)

This message is meant to indicate that you net lost ground when you were expected to capture ground. This is measured in deployment squares on the map. It seems unlikely in this example, but did you lose (to uncontrolled / gray or enemy controlled / dark gray) map squares to the Germans despite breaking their morale and gaining a VL?

Hailstone -> RE: Conflicting Debrief comments (6/7/2021 10:39:42 PM)

SteveMcClaire, I did not lose any friendly territory but there were 2 victory locations left and I was able to have one of those VP hexes contested but not lost. Never reached the remaining VP hex due to the enemy moral failure as I was pushing enemy units off the map. Sir, the thing is that this is not a one-time occurrence where the Debrief contradicts itself, in fact, I say it happens often. I am very surprised it was not reported sooner. It's only a Debrief and does not affect gameplay, otherwise, it's a great game. Thanks man.[;)]

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Conflicting Debrief comments (6/8/2021 4:35:52 PM)

There are two parts to the debrief. The distinction between these could be made more clear.

The first is a purely score-based evaluation of the last battle based on casualties, kills, and ground taken or lost. This will be something like stalemate, minor victory, etc.

The text below the win/loss statement is an evaluation based on what your battalion commander expected from the battle. This expectation is based on force ratios and past performance, so if you have a high reputation your commanding officer will expect more and may express dissatisfaction even if the game tells you that you scored a victory.

Hailstone -> RE: Conflicting Debrief comments (6/9/2021 2:26:59 PM)

Okay, I get it now but not a fan of the "expectations" as part of score calculations. I was hoping for fireworks and maybe an Appocolapse Now
cutscene with Robert Duval's famous quote, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning". Anyway, I love the game as is. Thanks for your assistance.[:)]

CGGrognard -> RE: Conflicting Debrief comments (6/16/2021 4:14:11 PM)

"Charlie don't surf"

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