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Zorachus99 -> Seeking opponent(s) for Twitch live-stream (6/7/2021 12:10:24 AM)

Now for something completely different.

I'd like to stream a virtual face-to-face game of MWIF on Twitch. This is not PBEM. Faces are not required though, only a microphone. The sessions will be broadcast live, and will possibly be re-posted to Youtube if I have time for posterity.

I think this could potentially welcome new players to the game as well as provide useful instruction to newbies.

Parameters: Players meet on weekends by arrangement to play MWIF. Minimum commitment of 3+ hours per session until one side resigns. I've played with a Chess clock in the past, but don't mind time used as long as the game is moving along. If I have more than one test subject (volunteer) we could have teams.

About me: I've played about 20 games of Wif over the last 20 years. That pretty much means, I'm crusty, rusty, and naughty.

The rules I prefer should be attached to this post.


paulderynck -> RE: Seeking opponent(s) for Twitch live-stream (6/7/2021 3:34:55 AM)

Compulsory Peace has not yet been coded. May have to kludge that one.

Zorachus99 -> RE: Seeking opponent(s) for Twitch live-stream (6/7/2021 1:09:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: paulderynck

Compulsory Peace has not yet been coded. May have to kludge that one.

Yeah, hoping to crib it together with amenable players.

GenChaos33 -> RE: Seeking opponent(s) for Twitch live-stream (6/8/2021 2:53:11 AM)

Hi. I'm interested but I'm a newbie to WIF and MWIF.

I have been a board/wargamer since 1985 and have always known of WIF but never played. I bought MWIF few years ago but never found a reliable player and/or successful multiple sessions. I also attempted the discord MWIF group a few times but found it somewhat frustrating with then having to deal with using rolled-back versions of MWIF, saves files, and posted pictures/asking game questions for player interactions on discord.

Maybe this twitch method will be better experience?
Also, what is your twitch name? I watch Twitch alot with other wargames/boardgames/dnd stuff.
I have a twitch account too but I broadcast very very little.

Edit: I do alot of online wargaming sessions but its with vassal software(close to 20 years)

Zorachus99 -> RE: Seeking opponent(s) for Twitch live-stream (6/10/2021 6:24:31 PM)

Sounds good. I'll send you a PM for scheduling and my contact information.

My twitch channel is AEternalEquinox. I also am the DM for a group of people playing D&D in my spare time :D

I've been having audio issues recently, so the recent streams either have me or are missing my voice. Think I have that issue corrected though.

As far as how we can play, I have setup a virtual machine dedicated for playing in Solitaire mode that we can both connect to. We can use discord or other app for voice. In between sessions I can give you the save so you can look at the map.

If anyone else is interested, feel free to post here. Makes the game move a bit faster.

Also, I'll post the scheduled game times on the forum so that people can stop by and chat on Twitch, or watch past sessions.

Zorachus99 -> RE: Seeking opponent(s) for Twitch live-stream (7/10/2021 9:28:19 PM)

Hi Guys,

I am still looking for someone to join me in creating online content for this game. Am I a worthy opponent? Not likely :)



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