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FlinnBella -> Vietnam Invasion 1969, looking for opponent (6/4/2021 3:58:40 AM)

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an opponent on the Vietnam Invasion 69' scenario. Check out the scenario briefing and the map and see if it's something you're interested in, I think it could turn out really fun.

I'm pretty chill about the speed of the game, like a few turns every week is fine, but just keep in mind that I do need to finish the game before August 17, since I leave for boot camp that day.

I understand the basics of the game but I'm definitely by no means a pro, I've been inactive for the past 6 months anyways. I'm totally fine with losing, just looking for experience and a fun match, I'm willing to play against beginners or pros.

Other than that, if you're down for this game, the password is: Flinn

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