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GTMOON51 -> COMINT (6/2/2021 5:44:26 AM)

How do you use these?

YueJin -> RE: COMINT (6/2/2021 12:04:28 PM)

Use them on hexes where you guess key enemy ships may be, usually only works if you've broken codes already to get higher intel levels otherwise all you find out is unknown ships. More consistent is use it so it covers enemy fleets at sea to get a higher intel rating on the hex they're in so less chance of enemy fleet not found when you try to engage.

You have near perfect information on enemy land and air units anyway so not much point using it on them.

ago1000 -> RE: COMINT (6/2/2021 12:34:23 PM)

+1 w YueJin
It makes invisible fleets visible and only Japanese, UK and USA can use them.
The intel is random low, medium and high but the percentages do increase when a country code has been broken.

From my tests, 100% encrypted country will produce the following recon low-60%, medium-20% and high-20% of the time. A broken code will product low - 0%, medium-50% and high- 50%. I also believe you need to crack the code around 8 to 10 times before you will get it down to zero. Each time you break it, it does drop down a level. So the values above are the extreme ends.

CrackingShow -> RE: COMINT (6/2/2021 4:01:24 PM)

Thanks man! I had no idea what COMINT did lol.

Stelteck -> RE: COMINT (6/2/2021 4:31:34 PM)

I see two use for this :

Strategic : Trying to find where is the ennemy, especially main fleet.
Tactics : To use before air strike on important target to get a high recon on the target (for better hit chance).

eskuche -> RE: COMINT (6/2/2021 6:30:03 PM)

I used in during NZ invasion to carrier strike in-port otherwise hidden ships.

GTMOON51 -> RE: COMINT (6/3/2021 9:06:42 AM)

I meant how do you break the Code

Looked on all screens and can't find it

YueJin -> RE: COMINT (6/3/2021 9:18:32 AM)

These buttons will light up when you have 60 points saved. It's not a guarantee to work though, you'll get a message saying part of the ...code has been deciphered or code breaking attempts failed.

The buttons in the top right of the panel are build a comint unit or increase encryption level.


scout1 -> RE: COMINT (6/3/2021 5:23:48 PM)

Don't have access to the game at the moment ....

Question ...

1) At what rate do the 3 powers accumulate COMINT pts ?
2) Are they constant during time, or change ?

scout1 -> RE: COMINT (6/3/2021 5:25:36 PM)

Also, are the use of COMINT pts specific to a given hex or is there some means to "search" for hidden fleets ?

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