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tumbi1 -> Army group center supply tips (6/1/2021 11:48:58 PM)


I'm a newbie with this game, and on my first attempt at reaching Smolensk, I had no problems up until turn 7 (August 3rd), reaching the edge of Smolensk with the bulk of the army group. On turn 7 though, a lot of my mobile units had around 50% fuel and ammo, which isn't enough to operate with. I kept my HQ's to within 5 hexes of their units, but I was stretching things with the rail head, which I had advanced (a double rail line via Vilnius) to within 4 hexes of Minsk. I also built depots in Vilnius, Minsk, Balbasava, and Vitebsk. I had in an earlier aborted start to the game tried to advance the rail to Minsk from Brest Litovsk, but it was going to take way too long. Note with the line I have going to Minsk, I used 4 FBDs to do it, which seems a bit extreme to me, but I can't see how it can be done otherwise.

Thoughts on this? Where am I going wrong? I know historically the Germans took Smolensk around this time, and were within a couple of weeks ready for their next offensive, so it must be possible with the game mechanics? Note also I have had no problems in the north and south, making great progress with both.

Cheers, Mark

CapAndGown -> RE: Army group center supply tips (6/2/2021 12:23:19 AM)

You should move this thread over to the WitE 2 forum. Depots and double track lines do not exist in WitE 1.

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