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Jorge_Stanbury -> question on rail (6/1/2021 6:49:27 PM)

I have a question on rail design

I built a new city near my frontline (I am in an active war), I then expanded rail to reach it and I created a level 1 truck station and a level 1 rail station

Issue is that now this zone supplies my frontlines and it is totally not up to the task

In order to correct the issue (and not reloading from a past save), I can see 2 options:

- build rail from new city to the front (+ end railhead)
- build rail bypassing new city (+ end railhead)

which one will be better?


Twotribes -> RE: question on rail (6/1/2021 8:01:55 PM)

ship coloists to new city raise level and raise truck stop

BlueTemplar -> RE: question on rail (6/1/2021 8:47:03 PM)

He might need the rail later anyway for other cities in this direction - it's often a good idea to build the rail immediately as you get new territory, since even without a railhead you still get 10% of the logipoints, which then can help to resupply a part of your frontline !

Have you read this logistics tutorial ?

Otherwise, traffic stops should help you experiment with both of these options ?

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