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Edmon -> Valor & Victory - How to play #2 (5/31/2021 3:08:24 PM)

Valor & Victory is going to be released on June 17th. In this second tutorial video, we will be covering more phases in Valor and Victory. The Movement phase, the Defensive Fire phase and the Advance and Assault phase.

  • Movement Phase: This phase is the phase in which you will be able to move your units. Units that have fired before this phase will be unable to do anything in the movement phase, however.
  • Defensive Fire Phase: This phase sits between the fire and the movement phase. It allows you to attack any visible enemy during their turn.
  • Advance and Assault Phase: Similar to the movement phase, you will be able to move but only to single tile nearby. You will immune to counterattacks during movement in this phase and movement into an enemy tile will trigger a deadly melee attack.

    Check it out the full tutorial here.

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