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aleavz -> [FIXED] Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (5/30/2021 11:41:26 PM)

After noticing some brazilian aircraft not dropping down to release iron bombs, I decided to do some testing to see how far the problem went, and it turns out most of them are bugged. Most of the aircraft in this list drop iron bombs from 36k ft when ordered to attack with F1. Some wont descend to 12k ft to drop LGBs. One notable exception, included for comparison purposes is the AT-26. In the Google Drive folder you will find a list with all bugged planes and a brief description and loadouts, as well as scenarios showing the issues (R-99 in those is there just for target detection). Feel free to DM me if needed.

Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1stBZJIMXcx8MTz8SZ_NSHGLidq9usQdI?usp=sharing

Aircraft List (all Brazilian):

A-4KU 2002
A4-KU 2016
AMX-A1 2006
AMX-A1 2015
F-5 Tiger II 1977
F-5E 2004
F-5EM 2007
F-5(biplace) Tiger II 1977
F-5F 2004
F-5FM 2007
Mirage III 1974
Mirage III 1998
TA-4KU 2002
TA-4KU 2016

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Dimitris -> RE: Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (6/1/2021 7:51:15 AM)

Hi, we had a look at this. Using the "A-4KU with Mk82s" loadout example.

The "problem" is that you are instructing the aircraft to attack without the context of the flight plan. The loadout settings for throttle, altitude etc. all assume the presence of a flight plan for the strike. In your case, since the aircraft is not on a strike mission and has no flight plan, the "doctrinal" settings of the loadout are contrasted against the weapon release envelope and, since the doctrinal altitude is NOT within the envelope limits, it is ignored, and priority is instead given to making sure that the aircraft is within the weapon release envelope (which it is, since the Mk82s can indeed be released at high altitude - never mind that you'll have terrible accuracy).

(If you are surprised that the "doctrinal" altitude is ignored, consider the alternative: Plane blindly follows the doctrinal altitude all the way to the target, and does not drop the bombs because its altitude is higher or lower than the bomb release envelope. Oops.)

If you assign the plane to a strike mission against the target, and add a friendly base so that the AC plots a proper flight plan, you will see that the plane indeed descends to low altitude as it closes on the IP point, it remains there during the final ingress and strike, and egresses as appropriate.

aleavz -> RE: Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (6/1/2021 1:02:09 PM)

Oh, I see that. In that case, why do other planes such as the AT-26 descend to a proper altitude do drop them even in the absence of the strike mission? (when just told to attack with F1)

Dimitris -> RE: Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (6/1/2021 3:41:24 PM)

Because in other cases the profile-directed altitude happens to be inside the weapon release envelope, so the pilot has no problem adopting it.

We have an internal discussion as to whether in such cases it is preferable to leave the altitude selection entirely up to the player (since F1-attack is a manual intervention anyway), or alternatively automatically reconcile (as much as possible) the profile altitude with the weapon release envelope and thus, essentially, replicate the logics of the generated flight plan. There is no clear-cut solution, as you can imagine. ("I ordered my plane to bomb while it was at high altitude but instead it descended to low altitude and only then dropped its bombs. Is this a known bug?")

Also, you mention "proper altitude". Proper by what and whose metric [:)] Every feet closer to the ground improves your bombing accuracy but makes it easier for everyone to take a shot at you. So again it's a very subjective thing.

morphin -> RE: Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (6/1/2021 6:31:43 PM)

In generell, if the player make a manual Intervention (for Example with F1) and / or plotting a course. then also the altitude and speed should also be manually process (until the flight path ends or the player disable the attack).
Or at least if the player also sets the altitude and /or speed then the computer should not override it.
A manually set course with Altitude/speed should normally not be overwritten by the AI....
That's one of me greatest wishes for improvement

aleavz -> RE: Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (6/1/2021 8:50:32 PM)

Thanks for the response! I think I got it.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Aircraft ignoring attack altitude (6/3/2021 10:56:17 PM)

Fixed for next update. Aircraft will adopt their loadout profile altitude (or as close as possible while remaining within weapon release envelope) during final run to the target UNLESS they are headed to a waypoint and currently have an ordered altitude different than the profile altitude. So the profile can be overridden using F3/Plot if desired.

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