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Simon Edmonds -> RE: Wish-Want-Request List (6/21/2021 2:31:11 AM)

Hey Rhinobones. I probably didn't communicate that very well. My wish is for Hexside rivers (and features) as well as ones that run down the middle of the hex. Look at Innsbruck for instance. Mountains on either side; valley up the middle. Some rivers and hexes run straight and lend them selves to hex sides. Others wriggle around like a worm on a frying pan and are best shown as running up the middle.

nepos2 -> RE: Wish-Want-Request List (6/21/2021 4:45:31 AM)


ORIGINAL: rhinobones

Wonder how existing scenarios would be impacted. Imagine that at a minimum Objective Tracks, terrain, urban hexes and deployments would need to be reworked. Also, would the few remaining active scenario designers put the effort into making new scenarios or would we again hear complaints that only existing scenarios are being updated.


If it were possible to simply add hexside rivers as an additional terrain tile, older scenarios wouldnt need to be affected.


Lobster -> RE: Wish-Want-Request List (6/21/2021 12:42:15 PM)

Yes both would be best. Already have the code for one. Just a switch in the program either user adjustable or automatic would be all that is needed. Not saying it would be easy. It would affect so many things.

However, looking at a scenario XML file you'll see that it has a 0 or 1 condition for hexside rivers. They will be at a 0 by default. Makes me wonder if some of the coding for them has already been done by Norm before he decided which way to go.

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