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AstroBlues -> AP Cost (5/30/2021 3:15:51 AM)

Would the AP cost for a hex be on a chart or on a window in the game?


AlvaroSousa -> RE: AP Cost (5/30/2021 2:00:49 PM)

Do you mean action points?

In WarPlan it is Operation points. If you haven't changed the standard unit display in the options screen....
Land it is the 2nd number. Land uses Opts to move and attack. Tougher terrain more opts used. an attack uses 1 opt. Land has a range of 1 so every 1 hex uses opts
naval and air it is the dots. Naval and air use opts moving on their range. air units have a range of 6-20 and each range uses 1 opt. Naval units 24 hexes for 1 opt.

AstroBlues -> RE: AP Cost (5/30/2021 5:31:09 PM)

Thanks. Would it be the second green number to the right of strength? I am confused which is the 2nd number.


AlvaroSousa -> RE: AP Cost (5/30/2021 6:52:20 PM)

Yes bottom right of land unit.

Like an armor would appear ...


15 combat value
8 operation points

Very common for board wargames

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