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Nirosi -> Oil and transport of minor (5/30/2021 12:08:33 AM)


I wanted to evacuate the Petsamo Finish garrison as it is about to die. However I could not move the transports because Finland has no oil left. Is that intended or is it a bug since minor do not have transports and are using their major power transports (and Germany did have oil)?

Also, and I believe this might be a bug, when I canceled the move with the cancel button, the embarkation was cancelled and the unit back as it was, but the entrenchment did not come back.

Harrybanana -> RE: Oil and transport of minor (5/30/2021 3:29:42 AM)

This is not a bug. Minors have to use their own oil and cannot use the oil of their affiliated major power. So Germany has to trade oil to Finland before it can use naval transport or use its fighter. The same is true for Rumania and Hungary, but at least for them trading oil is simple.

Canada has it worst because even though it produces oil it ships it all to the UK. This means it often doesn't keep enough for it's own needs, including naval transport, large corps, or its DD. The only way to fix this is to trade oil back from the UK to Canada. But often the UK doesn't even have enough MS for its own needs, let alone wasting any on Canada. Of course, if Canada were to build air or armour units than that makes it even worse. So the smart player will not build any units for Canada. From 42 on the US can trade oil to Canada without using MS; but by then it is too late for Canada to make any meaningful contribution to the ground ort air war.

Also your unit lost its entrenchment because it moved. Embarking and disembarking is a move even if the embarkation and disembarkation hex are the same.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Oil and transport of minor (5/30/2021 2:04:39 PM)

He is right the unit is losing entrenchment when the undo is performed.

Nirosi -> RE: Oil and transport of minor (5/30/2021 3:16:37 PM)


Embarking and disembarking is a move even if the embarkation and disembarkation hex are the same.

I understand that for a normal move (embarking and disembarking), but in this case I used the undo button, basically to cancel the embarkation (as if it did not happen).

I agree with the oil, I was just wondering however if there should not be an exception for transports, since they are German transports. But as long as it is clear either way, it is fine for me.

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