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DONNIE67 -> gold supply meaning (5/29/2021 9:59:25 PM)


What is the meaning of a gold supply indicator as opposed to a blue/gold indicator?

Thank you

Curtis Lemay -> RE: gold supply meaning (5/29/2021 10:34:08 PM)

Blue = blue side can trace to.
Red = red side can trace to.
Gold = both sides can trace to.

rhinobones -> RE: gold supply meaning (5/29/2021 10:42:57 PM)

In plain English, the answer to your question is: Gold shows that the hex will supply both sides. The side occupying the hex receives the indicated supply.


DONNIE67 -> RE: gold supply meaning (5/30/2021 5:07:13 PM)

Thank you for the fast supply.

Does this affect the side's gameplay or is it just for info?

dduckett -> RE: gold supply meaning (5/31/2021 7:45:31 PM)

Yes, it affects gameplay, specifically when it comes to lines of communications, where supply is available (based on terrain), and who owns supply sources. See or see manual 9.1.7 on Supply (Advanced Rules).

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