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freeboy -> sorry my oldtimers (5/29/2021 3:12:53 PM)

sorry my oldtimers is kicking in lol
So, for only my use, inside my home .. am I allowed to do two installs, one for my entertainment pc and one in my office.. both of which I have access only

do I need to buy say " Warplan Pacific twice ?

Asked b4 years ago and honestly no idea

Erik Rutins -> RE: sorry my oldtimers (5/29/2021 3:45:43 PM)

Yes, that's perfectly fine.

freeboy -> RE: sorry my oldtimers (5/30/2021 7:56:15 PM)

I found a self work around.. use the downstairs office pc for games and not on the oled tv~! lol
You guys are great fyi
much thanks for years of help and gaming

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