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eskuche -> transport undo bug (5/22/2021 10:34:50 PM)

Undoing an embark action locks the transports for that turn.

Edit: seems like not always the case. When it happened, the unit was stacked with one op point fleet.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: transport undo bug (5/22/2021 11:49:56 PM)


AlvaroSousa -> RE: transport undo bug (5/30/2021 4:58:14 PM)

I can't replicate it.

eskuche -> RE: transport undo bug (5/30/2021 7:40:36 PM)

Itís weird. Doesnít always happen. If I notice special conditions for it Iíll let you know. Seems to happen more with UK minors than any majors.

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