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mats0916@rogers.com -> [Fixed] Avoid cavitation for groups? (5/21/2021 1:26:05 PM)

Should I be able to check Avoid cavitation for surface groups?
I cannot seem to be able to do so now in the Throttle and Altitude window for the group.

If not implemented it would be a nice feature to avoid micro managing the group by assigning non-cavitation for all ships included in the group.

Attached is a save file where TG Mt Whitney doesn't have a check box for Avoid cavitation.

scott1393 -> RE: Avoid cavitation for groups? (5/22/2021 2:57:51 AM)

Something I learned while playing today was after I set a route using F3
The last way point was selected (highlighted in yellow) when that was happening
The do not cavitate was not available until I deselected the way point.


WSBot -> RE: Avoid cavitation for groups? (6/1/2021 1:44:15 PM)


michaelm75au -> RE: Avoid cavitation for groups? (6/3/2021 6:11:15 AM)

Allowing a button on the group: if clicked then update all the units in the group to follow that option. If you want to override it, you can go into the individual unit and override the setting.

mats0916@rogers.com -> RE: Avoid cavitation for groups? (6/11/2021 8:14:47 AM)




This was noted as [Fixed] but in the latest release I can not verify the fix. Did it not make it in time to 1147.25?

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