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K62 -> Running the game with DOSBox Staging (5/20/2021 7:48:49 PM)

As DOSBox is not super-actively maintained anymore (e.g. it appears to have no unit tests) I've tried running WiR under DOSBox Staging and had positive results so far. It uses "pixel-perfect mode" which seems to produce a sharper picture. You can read more about DOSBox staging here.

In case anyone else is interested here is what worked for me under Windows:

1. Create a folder for the game e.g. C:\Matrix Games\wirdosbox and a subfolder for Ctrl-F5 screenshots C:\Matrix Games\wirdosbox\capture

2. Download WiR 3.3 from here: and unzip to C:\Matrix Games\wirdosbox\WarInRussiav3-3

3. Download DOSBox Staging from here: and unzip to C:\Matrix Games\wirdosbox\dosbox

4. Download the wirdosbox.txt file attached to this post. Rename it to wirdosbox.conf and place it in your folder: C:\Matrix Games\wirdosbox\wirdosbox.conf

5. Create a new text file in your folder called wirdosbox.txt and copy-paste this line into it:

dosbox\dosbox.exe ".\WarInRussiav3-3\wir.exe" -exit -conf "wirdosbox.conf" -noconsole

6. Rename wirdosbox.txt to wirdosbox.bat, click Yes when prompted. Use wirdosbox.bat it to start the game.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

wga8888 -> RE: Running the game with DOSBox Staging (5/20/2021 9:21:06 PM)

I maintain a running WindowXP as it can run DOS programs natively. I always have a game of pbem Pacific War going.

Not to mention is also stuffed with and runs every program known in the 2000s era. My Windows7 is used for Matrix games [some run on WinXP but not Win10; some run on Win10 but not XP, they all run on Win7]. The Win7 box runs the vast majority of my Vassal play using Vassal 3.2.17, Java 8 update 91. Otherwise devoid of software. My Win10 is also devoid of software but is used for a few Vassal 3.5.5 module with java8 update 295.

Primarily I use my 3 Macs but I never got DOSBOX to effectively run on Mac. Cannot figure out to how do define the C: drive.

I would like to line up a War in Russia opponent. At one time I had four pbem games of War in the East as Russian. Weakness is combat is during a turn and a player can save often before combat execution and return to save if they did not like the result. Two of my opponents admitted to this and did not consider it cheating. All four Axis opponent's 'lost interest' in playing during the log 41-42 winter as it was 'no longer fun' for the Axis. [As if summer/fall 41 was fun for the Russians]. I do not remember if WIR has the Return to Save weakness. The Pacific Games do not have this as all combat is resolved after both players submit orders.

DavidFaust -> RE: Running the game with DOSBox Staging (5/27/2021 11:42:41 PM)

I have not been able to download the game.

I get a prompt for my username and password but the system does not accept it. I even reset my password but this did not help. Nor am I able to download the game through the matrix shop.

Tried to log in a different way and got this error message.

ASP 500.100 Error
An error occurred processing the page you requested.
Please see the details below for more information.

COM Error Number -2147012890 (0x80072EE6)
File Name /includes/aspJSON1.17.asp
Line Number 31
Brief Description System error: -2147012890.
Script Name /members/Default.asp

K62 -> RE: Running the game with DOSBox Staging (5/28/2021 12:14:48 AM)

I get the same issue currently. Strange. Does this link work better?

DavidFaust -> RE: Running the game with DOSBox Staging (5/28/2021 1:42:14 AM)

That link worked and got the game going.

The problem is the game screen is less than twice the size of my mobile phone.

Any ideas how to get the screen size bigger?

**EDIT** Alt enter got the game running in fullscreen.

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