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Treefrog -> recapturing NM objectives help NM (5/20/2021 2:40:47 PM)

Loss of a National Morale objective hurts the host nation (anyone know how much?).

If the host nation recaptures the National Morale objective does the NM go back up?

BillRunacre -> RE: recapturing NM objectives help NM (5/21/2021 10:05:48 AM)

Not normally, though it does stop the permanent drain on NM of having lost that location, based on the location's integral NM value (this can be seen at the bottom of the screen when you click on the resource).

Opening up the National Morale scripts and searching for the hex location is probably best if you want to see how much effect the loss of a place has.

Treefrog -> RE: recapturing NM objectives help NM (5/21/2021 4:25:31 PM)

The Italian government is pleased to announce that their National Morale increased by 1% when they recaptured Turin, the object of a Commonwealth armored corps invasion raid.

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