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nadia911 -> [1.09.03] Water = Logistic collapse (5/19/2021 8:15:42 PM)

Hi, I am in a game with several cities, 16 plus the capital, my logistics network is collapsed, so I could deduce this is because several cities, not all, around half, produce automatic 5k of water, when sent to the SHQ collapse the logistics network, this did not happen in previous games so it strikes me that it happens now, I am playing with version 1.09.03, is there any way to stop this automatic water production or reduce it in part? bug?

Thank you

Excuse my english

BlueTemplar -> RE: [1.09.03] Water = Logistic collapse (5/19/2021 10:58:53 PM)

By "collapsed", you mean bottlenecked ?

Water doesn't consume any (ground) logistic points (imagine free pipelines next to every road and rail), so it can't be that ?

zgrssd -> RE: [1.09.03] Water = Logistic collapse (5/20/2021 11:32:52 AM)

According to " weIGht of CarGo"
Fuel, Water, IP, Energy and Storage Capacity travels the logistics network for free.

It is not what is causing your issues.

nadia911 -> RE: [1.09.03] Water = Logistic collapse (5/20/2021 2:08:02 PM)

Then I'll keep investigating, thank you

zgrssd -> RE: [1.09.03] Water = Logistic collapse (5/20/2021 5:33:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: nadia911

Then I'll keep investigating, thank you

Check if you got the Storage Capacity to supply Energy and Fuel.
Zones try to keep 1 turn consumption (2 for Food) in reserve. The remaining storage is transfered to the SHQ.

Keep in mind that you need next turns consumption in storage before you hit end turn - this turns production and retreival is to late.

The most likely causes of logistics issues with new Conquests are Food and Building Material (particulary Metal) because you ended up building too much or have too many workers there.

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