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BDukes -> [Fixed] Cannot set Ship or Sub Fuel (5/18/2021 6:48:35 PM)

Cannot set fuel for sub or ships. When you attempt to reset the value you get a tone sound. Aircraft work fine.

Load my test file. Attempt to reset the fuel for the sub and DDG.



michaelm75au -> RE: [1147.25][Bug]Cannot set Ship or Sub Fuel (5/19/2021 3:25:36 AM)

It works for me.
You need to close the form or change the fuel type for it to take affect.
I should allow enter to also save the update.[:o]

KnightHawk75 -> RE: [1147.25][Bug]Cannot set Ship or Sub Fuel (5/19/2021 2:19:36 PM)


I Also see what OP is seeing in cases where there are multiple tanks.

In fact I've noticed multiple issues that may need addressing, that revolve around there being more than one tank.

But let's take the op's scene untouched first. When I try to mod the sub's fuel, it will display the diesel amount in the textbox, but validate the value on keyup against the battery amount and then reset the number to the battery amount. ?? Ditto on the DDG, displays the GasFuel type #, but validates on the Aviation fuel. So actually I can't change either via the gui, unless it's < or = whatever the last enumerated tank is I presume.

Now that's the basic case of two tanks on ship - pretty standard.
But what if there are more, lets take some resupply ships where I can get around validation at little keep testing further.

Take for instance ship unit #57 - A 607 Meuse, add it to the scene, it has by default

DieselFuel: 3,000,000 units [used by unit's engines]
AviationFuel: 1,000,000 units
GasFuel: 3,000,000 units

The gui shows 3000000 (DieselFuel I presume). If I set it to 2500000, the gui appears not to update because it doesn't show all 3 fuel types like it probably should and the 2500000 setting was applied on the *3rd and last tank which is GasFuel, not what the unit actually uses or is listed first in the order of tanks.
local u = SE_GetUnit({guid="ShipGuidHere"});
print (u.fuel); -- shows that tank 3 (GasFuel) was changed.

Another sample inserting a default #2412 - T-AOE 6 Supply into the scene, shows a slightly different result.
AviationFuel: 10,000,000 units
OilFuel: 8,000,000 units
GasFuel: 8,000,000 units [used by unit's engines]

The dialog will display '1E+07' not 10000000, now I know what 1e+07 number is but the avg player might not, perhaps it can be forced to be formatted to long form? Also notice that number indicated it pulled up the first tank, aviation fuel figure for me. Yet when you set it, it will set it (at least in my case) to OilFuel, listed *2nd (at least via lua u.fuels, what the enumeration return in the gui is idk). Again here it seems the validation is against gasfuel or oilfuel (hard to tell since both are the same max), but not the inital displayed value of AviationFuel.

- Current value displayed does not always pull from engine used type-tank, but seems like first tank found in it's list.
- Input validation seems not to matched to the same tank as display amount.
- Application of amount appears unmatched to the same tank as display amount.
- Dialog does not handle setting the multiple possible fuel tanks.
I would suggest an implementation that adds a label and textbox per "tank" entry that exists, such that each could be set - either all at once via 'enter\close', or on each individually as they are changed.

- While technically a separate issue, but I would suggest the Unit Status gui should probably display a blue bar per tank-type for ships showing totals of said tank-types (much like subs have). Reasoning is it can gets confusing when using replenishment ships and you don't know how much they still have left (if any) in their other (non engine-using-type) tanks. Yes I can resort to lua - which I'm fine to do but most probably are not. I remember this being an issue for me playing the massive NF #41 Tour de Force, building a simple special action for myself just to check tank levels on a selected ship(s), as well as other scenes that involve using tankers.

BDukes -> RE: [1147.25][Bug]Cannot set Ship or Sub Fuel (5/19/2021 4:50:39 PM)

Thank you!


michaelm75au -> RE: [1147.25][Bug]Cannot set Ship or Sub Fuel (5/20/2021 4:33:04 AM)

I have already address the issue with it not syncing a multi-fuel unit after .25 was released; it was defaulting to the last fuel type.
This may have also interfered with selecting the fuel type to update; the unit panel on the side isn't refreshed until the 'set fuel' form is closed.
The 1E+07 I honestly didn't come across, but will revisit it tonight with that example unit.

BDukes -> RE: [1147.25][Bug]Cannot set Ship or Sub Fuel (7/5/2021 7:59:24 PM)

Confirmed fixed in 1147.27. Thank you!

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