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LoneRunner -> HQ Boosting (5/16/2021 1:01:09 AM)

Selection of boosted HQ would be improved by manual control.

For example, the screenshot from a recent online game shows three German HQs, Von Leeb, rating 7; Rommel, rating 9; and Von Manstein, rating 10. Von Leeb is located in Ulyanovsk which has a supply level of 5. Von Manstein is located three hexes to the east of Von Leeb. Rommel is located two hexes south of Von Leeb.

According to the manual, higher rated HQs are boosted by lower rated HQs. However, only one HQ can be boosted.

Since Von Leeb is the lowest rated HQ and has the best supply, I was hoping that Von Leeb would boost Von Manstein, which is the highest rated HQ and closest to the front. But the AI chose Rommel to be boosted, leaving Von Manstein and the units at the front at low supply, ouch.

Supply is a critical aspect of the game, affecting both movement and combat. I think the game would be improved by allowing manual control of the selection of which HQ is boosted.


OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: HQ Boosting (5/16/2021 3:05:42 AM)

I would agree with an option to manually select the HQ for the boosting task. I am already methodically fussy with HQ's and attachment management every turn. Whats a little more work? [:D]

pjg100 -> RE: HQ Boosting (5/16/2021 4:58:05 AM)

Could not agree more.

CaesarAug -> RE: HQ Boosting (5/16/2021 12:23:43 PM)

Yes, a manual selection would certainly be usefulů butů

Perhaps the game engine automatically selects the closest HQ, by hex-range, not necessarily the most tactically sound HQ.
That I think simulates the logistical difficulties of supply lines in enemy territory.

Could you test the same situation but assuring that both HQs are exactly the same hex-range from the boosting HQ?
As an afterthought, it may not only be a question of the closest-ranged HQ, maybe different terrains have an impact on which HQ can be boosted.

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